Freedom From Isn’t Freedom

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We all always want to be happy, growing, and free. We can think about freedom in two ways. There’s freedom from the things that bug us, stop us, or threaten us. Then there is freedom. The difference is in how these two ideas feel. When we think about things we want freedom from, we are […]

Direct Your Thinking

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  Too often, we let ourselves to be pulled and pushed by the events and circumstances we see around us, especially if–whether small or big–they are not what we want. This mode of life feels awful, drains us, and perpetuates those events and circumstances. Here’s something much better: direct your attention so that your attitude, […]

Put On Your Mask First

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That people around us are struggling, blaming, deflecting, or otherwise full of drama does not mean that we need to do the same. You see, no amount of us struggling, etc. can ever help them. If we’re down, we can’t help them. Only when we are plugged in, feeling good can we ever have the […]


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We can run our processes, push our products, and tell people what we think they should be doing. Or, we can connect our dreams to our team’s dreams and get out of the way. The latter looks harder and longer but it’s not.   In your corner, Mike

Great Results

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Great results occur when we finally see that our real work is to focus on what we want, feel good about what we want showing up even before it gets here [and not caring how it happens], engaging all who matter in win-win, and taking action based on our inspiration.   In your corner, Mike […]

We Get What We Expect

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Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. A quick look back at our thoughts and beliefs about a subject shows that they match current results. If we agree that we get what we expect, why don’t we simply choose to […]

Stubbornly Undone

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For anything that remains stubbornly undone, the very last place at need to look for answers is between our ears. Our judgments and beliefs hold both wanted and unwanted situations in place with tenacity. So it makes all kind of sense to replace any attention to unwanted (including complaints, judgments, etc.) with high-buzz attention on […]


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Our success mostly rests on the stories we tell ourselves about us, them, this thing, or that situation. Unwanted results? Wanted results? What story were you (often quietly, sometimes unknowingly) telling? Pick the best feeling stories and watch the results shift to match.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry […]

Between the Ears

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What is the gist of the stories we tell ourselves, 24/7? Are they like these…? “That’s just the way it is.” “I/you/they/we/those things suck.” “It’s their/my fault.” “Life is hard.” “It’s just business.” Or like these…? “This is good.” “I appreciate me/you/them/us/those things.” “I know things will work out well; they always do.” “Life is […]