From Can’t to Can to Will

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We will not be successful leaders until we regularly get people to go from can’t to can to will. Telling, pumping up, selling, and yelling do not work. Believing in, coaching, correcting, and inspiring do.   In your corner, Mike PS: It’s a great feeling to witness someone go from, “That won’t work,” to, “That […]



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Knowing we can never get everything done let alone getting it done right can be frightening. It can leave an awful void. “What,” we might ask, “should we do, then? Is all this for nothing?” Not to worry. If we can let go of this “must tick every single box” syndrome, there is a deliciousness […]

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Your Effectiveness System is Yours

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We may think we want someone to show us the one best organization system that we will use forever and be finally ahead of the game. What we really need is to own our own. I can show you some tools and habits, some implications, shed some light. The rest is yours. Feel free to […]