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  • Don’t Be Realistic

    Don’t Be Realistic

    Negativity is important. Without it, we can’t know what we really want. Our problem is that we stay focused on the negative long after it has been useful. Staying in negativity is also known as “being realistic,” and it feels bad. Being realistic gives us no time, energy, or bandwidth to take advantage of what […]

  • How to Create Something New

    How to Create Something New

    To create something new, we must dream it then let it happen. Dreaming means answering completely the questions, “What do we want?” and “Why?” Letting it happen means forgoing the need to ask “Who?”, “How?”, and “When?” Those are questions we can only answer with old, known thinking and approaches. We cannot use the known,…

  • Emergent


    Leaders (with or without title) face this conundrum every day: how to get the right stuff done. Controlling or trying to making things happen are great ways to generate resistance to what we want.  Avoiding and protecting might seem like good alternatives but they are only other forms of trying to control. These all are…