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  • Decider-in-Chief


    We–the noble, effective, and very good-looking leaders that we are–don’t often tell people what to do. We save command-and-control for emergencies. Instead, we give others training, authority, and accountability to make most decisions. We reduce the decisions we make to the key few. When we do decide, we usually seek¬†consensus (i.e. everyone says, “I get […]

  • Consensus That Works

    Definitions of consensus that do not work include “We all agree.” Trying to get everyone to agree on the best solution takes too long and leads to watered-down, lowest-common-denominator solutions. “We all make pleasant noises that sound like we’re agreeing even though one or more of us will torpedo or simply ignore this idea as…

  • Leadership Teams that Work

    Show me an organization that is suffering and I’ll show you an organization with a broken leadership team. Show me an organization that consistently thrives and we both will see a leadership team whose members have a high degree of respect and trust for each other, come to productive consensus (i.e. “I may not agree…