When We Remember

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When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. – Mark Twain And when we remember that we are all doing our best (how could it be otherwise?), our compassion grows. Then work and life becomes delicious again.   In your corner, Mike PS: Judging self and others doesn’t […]


The Sort of Leader Who Gets People Unstuck

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People who don’t change can gum up our organizations and their careers. We try requesting, coaching, pleading, pushing, “carrotting and/or sticking,” or even jumping up and down. Yet people often remain stubbornly stuck. We may explain their stuckedness as some character flaw. But they really stay stuck out of fear (or fudwar). And they are unable to navigate that […]

They Struggle, Too

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One clue to working or conversing with almost anyone: despite appearances, they struggle and fear just like we all do. When we recognize this we open the doors to our compassion and formerly awkward, strained, or difficult conversations become easy. In your corner, Mike