React or Respond?

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Poor leaders react. When something unexpected or unwanted happens, they act, rather unproductively, from habit. They speak whatever comes to mind. They exhibit little wisdom. They spin us up. Good leaders respond. When something unexpected or unwanted happens, they pause. They listen. They coach. They are wise. And they refocus us on the big picture. Important […]

Tolerating Incompetence

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Because confronting them is uncomfortable, we will often tolerate people that we judge as incompetent. But this helps no one. Everyone feels bad and distracted. We continue to tolerate their poor performance. They make up unhelpful stories about why we are so distant, curt, aloof, grumpy, unsupportive, etc. And the others on the team wonder why […]


How and Why to Get Coaching for Leaders

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We leaders (with or without title) have some significant and often unmet needs. We need to know we are making good decisions. We want to work through our thoughts and options. We need an unbiased sounding board. In other words, we need a coach. Without this support, we can feel a little or a lot […]

4 Ways of Nimble Leadership

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There are several good ways to lead. You can Conduct. You know what is and what is needed. You decide what others are to do, how they are to do it, where, and when. You evaluate their ideas and work based on what you know is right. Coach. You help others find and apply their […]

Believe It More Than They Do

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To lead, coach, teach, parent, influence, or sell, you can study lots of techniques. And I recommend you do. To do these very well, cultivate your belief in others. Develop such a strong belief in each person’s abilities, potential, and future successes–even before you see any evidence–that they begin to believe it, too.   To […]