The Thing About Growth

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This is the thing about growth: our businesses cannot reach beyond our ability to run them. Any lack of business growth is a good sign that we need to grow. Luckily, we can measure and improve our leadership capacity. We need only a bit of self-trust to get going. Learn and go grow, good leader.   In […]


Cauterizing Relationships?

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Nothing personal. It’s (just) business. The ends justify the means. Sometimes you need to break some eggs. I’ll get you or I’ll run away before you can get me. No, no way, nope! War begets war. Peace begets peace. We reap what we sow. The ends never justify the means. A kindness delivered to someone […]


Let’s Get Emotional

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We think or have been told that being emotional (especially at work) is bad. We are uncomfortable when we or others express too much. In subtle and not-so-subtle ways, we encourage each other to avoid being emotional. Being logical, technical, business-like is the right way, we surmise. Not so. We are emotional creatures. Most of the […]

No Mystery

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Good business strategies and good career strategies are neither difficult nor mysterious. They share the same features. Your career or business strategy will be strong and meaningful if they employ a unique constellation of talents, yours or your business’s engage your or your business’s values and passions satisfy your needs, wants, or desires or those […]