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dropping the ball

Leadership Rule #1

Never do for another what they can do for themselves. Often we see people dropping the ball and we think, “If you want something done you gotta do it yourself,” or, “It’s just faster if I …
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At the bottom of every problem there is at least one emotion. We are uncomfortable (even fearful) approaching and acknowledging such emotions in ourselves and in others. Yet the problem will persist until we do. This …
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You Might Find This Useful

While we identify ourselves as our bodies, our thoughts and emotions, or our memories, the sages tell us that we are much more. Not mystical, not dogmatic, and not limited to just some people, we …
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Why “Earning” Feels Bad

When we think the word “earn” as in “earn your keep,” “earn your way,” or “earn a living,” it can feel quite bad. (It’s odd, given how we seem to want to earn.) We can …
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Why We Don’t Fight

Fighting what we don’t want (at home, work, or in the world-at-large) only pushes people to fight back. Our energy gets drained and our effectiveness is muted. It’s so easy to fall into this trap. …
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How Meaningful Is Your Career Right Now? 

Meaningful careers are those where we are doing: Something that we are good at, Something that motivates us, Something that satisfies our needs, wants, and desires (e.g.ideal work environment, income, lifestyle), and Something that solves the …
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