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The Unintuitive Solution to Overwhelm

When you are in overwhelm, stop. Please. Stop. It makes no sense to keep pushing when we are feeling swamped. Though it seems like exactly the right thing to do, striving to accomplish more just adds fuel to the …
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Tuning to What Makes Them Tick

Differences in what I value–what motivates me–and what you value can lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict. Luckily there are only six things that motivate any of us. Theoretical: Life will be better when we pause to …
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what if

What If They Are Right?

The sages have told us over and over that we are more powerful, capable, caring, creative, smart, loving, and good looking than we imagine. What if they are right? Seriously.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Wouter de …
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How To Apply The Right Thinking At The Right Time

Critical thinking is important. And it is horrible if we apply it while we are creating a mission, strategy, or goals. Critical thinking here derails the considerations, explorations, and dreaming. The creative thinking we use build …
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Dissolving The Four Big Offenses

Criticism, obstacles, rejection, and uncertainty are the four big offenses. We usually defend against one or more of these all the time. But this constant defensiveness wastes energy and leaves us less effective with a …
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