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What Sort of Goals are Best? Both!

There are two types of goals: incremental goals and monumental goals. Incremental goals ask us to work a bit harder, to focus a bit more, to iron out inefficiencies. When we commit to monumental goals, we …
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Each Little Thing

Moment by moment, every chance we get, we can catch ourselves feeling bad and find a way to raise our buzz, to feel good. With each little thing–remaining calm despite traffic on the highway, letting …
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The best way to get a job.

How do you find and land a great job? A great job is one that  suits you, rewards you, lets you offer your best to the world…and pays the bills! There are many paths to landing a …
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Are Your People Geniuses or Not?

We can see people as either geniuses or not. If they are not, they are like machines; they have a fixed performance capacity. And we believe our job is, first, to figure out what that capacity is. …
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Why “Earning” Feels Bad

When we think the word “earn” as in “earn your keep,” “earn your way,” or “earn a living,” it can feel quite bad. (It’s odd, given how we seem to want to earn.) We can …
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The First Obstacle to Leadership

Regardless of how long you’ve been a leader, you may tumble over this and other common Obstacles to Leadership. The First Osbstacle is “Overvaluing your individual contribution”. Learn to identify and surpass this …
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