Random Tips

What’s useful or inspiring today? Try a random walk through the Tips.


Our First Reaction May Be Wrong

We may be reacting incorrectly when we want to move others. In our desire to lead, sell, or influence, our knee-jerk reaction usually is to tell, impress, explain, or justify. Yet we never need to pitch, wow, push, or…

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The Catch

Today’s note is about a basic tool called The Catch. It is a tool that most of us really need and don’t use. And if we did use it, it would change everything. So why…

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give to get

The Ends Never Justify the Means

War begets war. Pain begets pain. And love begets love. Same for success, poverty, caring, justice, double-dealing, politics, honesty, follow-though, respect, winning, and wealth. There is no such thing as negative means generating positive ends….

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Simply Thank Them

There are people who will say, “You can’t.” Some may say, “You shouldn’t.” If what you do affects them directly (perhaps you are, for instance, their employee, business partner, or spouse), then negotiate with them….

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We Can Always

When faced with big or continuous obstacles, we can say, “I can’t,” “This is impossible,” “That’s not the right process,” “There’s something wrong with me/you/them/it,” “Maybe someone else will figure it out.” “It’s not my…

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