Random Tips

What’s useful or inspiring today? Try a random walk through the Tips.


The Economics of Moving Others

Focusing on what is wrong with another has the ugly effect, more often than not, of perpetuating whatever is wrong. (If you don’t believe this, think back to the last time you thought, “How many …
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The Pitch

A pitch is a presentation to get people to consider our offer. (We all have something to offer.) Whether presenting to the board, asking for a meeting, seeking a donation, making a sale, or getting …
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Proper Use of Planning

Planning fails when we use it to control the future. Seeking to control the future comes from a distrust or fear about it. And it can’t be done. Planning works when we use it to prepare …
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You as Superhero

The start of anything worthwhile is a thought. Nothing happens until someone has a thought like, “Hey, this would be cool.” When you direct your focus to something you want–something that feels good to imagine like …
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Others’ Behavior

We spend way too much time and energy trying to get others to behave so that we feel better. Far better is to find a way to feel good ourselves then watch as the world …
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