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We Are Like Our Smartphones

Like our smartphones, we can run on battery or plug in. We can go for a while on battery but eventually we will start dragging. On low battery, we feel bad. We blame what must…
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Vulnerable Leader

Lack of vulnerability, often taking the form of puffery, aloofness, or bullying, demonstrates lack of strength. Vulnerability requires and is strength. But why do we need to be strong and vulnerable? Because, except under clear…
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Fear or Love

There are two ways of thinking about anything. You can look at it from the perspective of fear. Or you can look at it from the point of view of love. One feels bad and…
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3 Things You Must Do to Hire Well

Whether you are in a position to hire someone or are at the mercy of the hiring done by others, bad hires inflict costs on everyone including the person who had been hired. To hire…
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both ways

Use Both Ways to Your Goals

There are two ways to achieve a goal. Both work. One involves planning a series of steps that logically flow from one to the next. We then act based on our plans: “Make it so.”…
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