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What Do You Want, Really?

What do you want, my friend? A new car, job, or relationship? More sales, money, or health? A house, a vacation, or someone to change their mind? Why, kind soul, do you want this? What important …
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can do

How To Expect Them To Do Well

In yesterday’s note, we saw how our beliefs about people’s capabilities affect their performance. Regardless of how much we may want them to do well, if we think they won’t, they likely won’t. If we expect …
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Why We Can’t Hold On To Success

Once we get plugged in, raise our buzz, and are feeling confident, we feel so great and are enjoying the results so much that we may be tempted to hold on to this state. But …
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Two Simple Habits for the Ultra-Busy

How is your week going? No, really. How is it going? On a scale from “Calm waters, smooth sailing” to “Rough Chop” to “Gale” to “Tempest”, how effectively are you sailing through your week? Chances …
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If we don’t agree on what is now true, what we want it to be in the future, and why, then we are doomed to having unnecessary and maybe even  unsavory bunfights over the how, …
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