Random Tips

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make it so

Making It So – Avoiding Leader’s Overwhelm

Leaders who are under water, stuck in the weeds, or putting out fires can’t get to their big-picture, strategic work. They are too busy doing other people’s work. Of course the answer is to delegate. But …
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Discover For Yourself

Don’t push yourself to do all the things on your growing to-do list. Don’t be driven by other people’s opinions. Trust yourself and others. Go for true win-win. Find and operate from your personal and organizational SweetSpot. …
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This is Hard

This is very hard to say. And very hard to admit. When we consistently see unwanted results or unwanted behaviors from others, we have to pause. It is highly likely that we are the problem. Rather, …
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keep up

No Need to Keep Up

Many of us subtly push away success. We fear it. We think, “Sure, I want to be more successful. But I am already so busy and bothered. In order to be more successful, I’d have …
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What is Success?

Success is a word that needs some help. We all want success in our life, our careers, and for our organizations. Even people who say they do not want success do want to be successful …
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Not Too Much, not Too Little

Too much structure, process, and regulation strangles any endeavor. Too little limits growth and, ultimately, everyone’s happiness. Just the right amount makes things easier, speeds our work, and sustains growth and happiness; it forms a …
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