My Favorite Word

My younger son loves to ask questions. His favorite questions are ones that start, “What’s your favorite…?” These are hard questions to answer because I don’t have many favorites. Chocolate or vanilla? Love them both.

I do have a favorite word, though. My favorite word is “and.” Wherever we might be tempted to use “or” and “but,” I like using “and.”


  • black and white
  • I want to go to the party and I’m very tired
  • strong management and healthy unions
  • science and spirituality
  • having a meaningful career and all the money you want
  • Keynesian stimulation and Chicago-School restraint
  • I want to grow my business and I don’t know how

Before you write off my love of “and” as impractical or and silly, pause. Whenever you join two formerly opposing ideas with an “and,” you get a fresh perspective that opens possibilities. New, better solutions become available.

What would be different today if you used “and” where you have been used to using “or” and “but”?

Give it a shot and let me know what you discover.


To your continued success,


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Word

  1. Mike I really like these so simple nuggets that with almost no effort, change your perspective and thus the way everyone else around you perceives you., it’s great, thanks.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Loved this shift, reframe, swing of the pendulum…All of a sudden, there’s a lot more room…and, everything can exist…comfortably!

    Just great…thanks for the reminder to remove the blinders…


    1. Effie, this really does create that freeing sense of relief, space, creativity, and opportunity. It’s good for us as individuals and in groups. Watch when a team of people shifts to thinking “and.” The room seems incandescent.

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