Leadership Is Not What We Think It Is

Leadership is not what we usually think it is:

Leadership is not being the decider-in-chief. But the leader sometimes needs to make decisions for the group.

Leadership is not commanding and controlling. But the leader usually needs to hold people accountable and sometimes needs to tell people what to do, how to do it, and when.

Leadership is not taking on the burden of everyone’s work. But the leader assists the people and the team as they learn to deliver desired results.

Leadership is not valued for the work the leader does but for the results of others. But the leader sometimes needs to do work only she can do.

Leadership is not about setting the course. But the leader must ensure compelling goals are in place, relevant, understood, and guiding actions.

Leadership does not follow scripts; no two leadership situations are the same. But the leader will apply tested tools and models and keep learning.

Leadership is not about being popular or liked. But the leader will develop strong, enduring relationships via mutual respect and trust (and will end up well liked, usually).

Leadership is not about knowing the answers. But the leader will listen well and rely the group to know or find out the answers.

Leadership is not about building a fiefdom. But the leader will actively attract, hire, and retain the good people she wants to work with.

Leadership is the act of building and maintaining an environment where others get the right things done well together. Surely, good leader, you can excel here.


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