Jeans, Shoes, and Delegation

jeans and shoes

Have you ever tried to take off or put on a pair of jeans without first removing your shoes? When we are in a hurry, we think it will save time and it never does. We end up in a bizarre modern dance routine that takes way longer than removing our shoes would have taken.

Same is true with delegating to others. We are tempted to send an email or do a “drive by delegation” thinking that we are saving time–theirs and ours. And the short cuts never save time. We end up in a bizarre dance of rework, blame, frustration, and missed deadlines.

Next time you delegate, slow down so that you do it well.


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2 thoughts on “Jeans, Shoes, and Delegation

    1. Hi Frank,

      Thank you! (Little known fact: I came upon this while trying to change from jeans into shorts without taking off my shoes. I think I’ll remember it, too.)


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