Is this for you?


Maybe these sound familiar

  • You’ve hired a good team and they do good work but they regularly take too long and waste time getting things done.
  • You’ve got some processes in place but quality is starting to slip. You can catch at least one error on any product or deliverable. Your team spends a lot of time on rework.
  • There are lots of opportunities and demand in your market but your team is slammed. You could take on more but they are pushing back.
  • People’s bad attitudes are starting to show. You may be seeing infighting, politics, or people checking out.
  • It’s getting harder to find good people. Sometimes you end up with people you know are hurting the morale, culture, and long-term productivity of the company.
  • It takes too long to bring new people on board. People complain they need help but also say they don’t have time to bring new people up to speed.
  • People are overworking. Too many hours, too much frustration. You may be seeing more burnout and even turnover.
  • It’s not exciting as it once was. You started or joined the business for the dream of building something fun, freeing, and financially fantastic (sorry, had to do that). But, at least for now, it’s more of a job.


Success is Simple™ works for…

The program works for

  • Founders, leaders, and boards of growing companies who are seeing signs that growing pains are getting in the way of success.
  • Businesses that are doing fine but haven’t reached their potential yet.
  • Forward-looking leaders who want to be ready for growth as it comes.
  • Companies with the possibility for lots of market demand but no solid, objective plan to capture it.
  • Innovators inside larger companies who know better is possible and want to go beyond status quo.
  • Owners of companies who know their market value is lower than it could be but don’t want to do any of the shady things they’ve heard could temporarily goose the numbers.

What you care about most

The Success is Simple™ is for you if you

  • Want to live a life well-lived
  • Want to have a purposeful impact on your corner of the world
  • See fun, freedom, and finances as both the fuel for and the rewards of running a good business–for you and your entire team
  • Enjoy working with good people
  • Know that you and your team have what it takes
  • Are open to the right and the right amount of support to get you there

Make sense?

Let’s get started. The next step is a brief conversation. I can answer your questions and we can explore how/if the Success is Simple™ program will work for your business.