I Know Where the Library Is


We have a story in our family about Aunt Lavie. While she was a young girl, the building housing what was once her small town’s library was on her family’s property.

One day when she was very old, her nieces took her out for lunch at a newly-built fast-food restaurant in town. The restaurant had included in its decor several historic pictures of local buildings, including the old library.

As Aunt Lavie and her neices were eating, another restaurant patron came in, noticed the photo of the old library and said, “There’s the old library from Smithville.”

“No,” one of the nieces somewhat indignantly informed the gentleman, “That is the old library from Carolton.”

“I grew up in these parts. That is the library from Smithville!” And the man went off to order his lunch.

“Aunt Lavie!” another niece said, “That’s your library! Why didn’t you correct that man?!”

Aunt Lavie, still enjoying her burger, replied calmly, “I know where the library is.”

Sometimes, we don’t need to convince. We needn’t argue about things that don’t really affect us. And we needn’t let others’ ignorance perturb us.

We know where the library is.


In your corner,


PS: Aunt Lavie’s way is particularly helpful when others call into question our experience or otherwise affect our confidence.


Today’s photo credit: Paul Germain cc

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