The Success is Simple™ Program



It was exciting to start your business. And the hard work to get it going was worth the effort. But as it got bigger and more complex, it has become much more difficult to manage. That’s because the simpler ways of running the business that worked when you were smaller are no longer sustainable or scalable.

So I help you and your senior team to re-simplify your business. We replace the ways that no longer serve you or the company with the ways your company now needs. Of course, we keep what’s good: we identify, preserve, and enhance your company’s secret sauce.

We always cover the three essential responsibilities of any leadership team: how you steer the business, how you operate as a senior team, and how each of you leads (yourself and others). Then we work on how the rest of the team gets the right stuff done, lives and builds upon the secret sauce, and grows professionally.

When we’re done, you will be able to run and scale your company with more ease. And you’ll get back to enjoying the fun, freedom, finances, and future that make building your business so rewarding.



The process is simple. We compare what your company has now with what it needs to run simply and effectively at scale. Next. I help you find the best path from here to there. Then we take small, concrete steps–adjusting as we go–until you get there.

It’s also practical. We work with reality not theories, proven approaches not guesses. We start where you are with what you’ve got. And we keep the business running even as it evolves on this journey.


About me.

For over twenty years, I have helped hundreds of leaders find and travel the simplest path to growth, success, and happiness.



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