Workshops, Coaching, and Support Program

To keep growing—or to get past headwinds and on to healthy growth—I help you and your team get your arms around the current state of your business and get aligned on desired goals. Then we install the leadership operating system—simple habits and skills—you’ll need to steer your growing company. We take this step at a time—with tiny steps at first—so you can maintain current operations and prepare for growth.


Where we focus.


Why your company exists, who you serve, and how you differentiate are unique. But all companies hit predictable obstacles as they grow. The most common fall into these categories:

  • Direction, strategy, & priorities
  • Communication, talent, roles, & alignment
  • Execution, scalability, sales, & client service
  • Growth, innovation, culture, & good attitudes
  • Revenue, resources, rewards, & profit.


Once we name and prioritize the obstacles your company faces, we focus on your goals. What do you most want the business to be and accomplish in the next year and beyond?

It doesn’t take long but this focusing gives us everything we need for a successful program.

It’s simple.

The program is simple. As outlined above, we assess the state of things and your desired goals so we know where to focus. We recommend an overall plan with timelines and budget. We launch with kickoff workshops and coaching for each member of the senior team. Then you steer the company toward growth with leader- and team coaching support.


About me.

For over twenty years, I have helped hundreds of leaders clarify and simplify their and their companies’ path to growth, success, and career happiness.