Find Meaningful Work, Part 2


In the prior post, we said that the trick to finding meaningful work is to begin with what we think is meaningful. That may be easy to say and rather difficult to do. Here, then, are four questions that can guide you.

  1. What do you care about?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What do you need, want, and desire in your life?
  4. What problems or symptoms do you notice that other people (or groups of people) have?

Your answers here point to your SweetSpot. Your SweetSpot describes your criteria for meaningful work.

Your SweetSpot is not, by the way, your next job, project, or business. You can discover that by asking yourself and people in your network this question: “What are all the jobs, projects, or businesses that might match my SweetSpot?”


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Today’s photo credit: Kazyel via photopin cc

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