Effectiveness Lists: The Barebone Edition

We’ve seen how trying to do it all is impossible. And how the far better way is to select what you will do from the huge list of what you could do.

In fact, the system I suggest can be simplified into this Barebone Edition of two lists and three repeating steps:

  1. Write down anything you might do, could do, or should do on your “I am not going to do this” list.
  2. Scan that list regularly and move the most compelling few items to your “I am going to do this” list.
  3. Empty your “I am…” list by doing those things (or by choosing to move some items back to the other list).



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2 thoughts on “Effectiveness Lists: The Barebone Edition

  1. I love this. I suspect it could be very effective. It reminds me of an approach suggested for cleaning a clothes closet.

    I like that it does 2 things. You get a laundry list of everything you might choose to do while clearing out all your memory buffers. Then there is a “purposfullness” and commitment to what you choose to do.

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