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Focusing on what’s wrong is such an easy trap to fall into, good leader. Most people focus too much on the negative. That’s why we need to be beacon-like, holding up the light of what’s going right and what’s coming that’s even better.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: John6536 Peggy’s Cove-9m […]

Don’t Be Realistic

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Negativity is important. Without it, we can’t know what we really want. Our problem is that we stay focused on the negative long after it has been useful. Staying in negativity is also known as “being realistic,” and it feels bad. Being realistic gives us no time, energy, or bandwidth to take advantage of what […]

We Can Always

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When faced with big or continuous obstacles, we can say, “I can’t,” “This is impossible,” “That’s not the right process,” “There’s something wrong with me/you/them/it,” “Maybe someone else will figure it out.” “It’s not my fault.” “You can’t make me.” “You gotta take the bull by the horns,” “The early bird gets the worm,” “I’m […]


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Ever wonder what it will take for our ship to come in, for us to be finally more calm, for things to start working right, or for our work and our relationships to click? It won’t be some insight. Nor will it be something that someone else does for us. It is something only we […]

Feeling Justified?

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We might feel justified for thinking that we are small, low-power players who cannot possibly change the things we care about. But we’d be wrong.   In your corner, Mike PS: Yes, this applies to you. Yes, today. PPS: Hint: do not fight anything or anyone. Instead, love and lead by the example you want […]

What Power Is and Who Has It

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Power is presence. It is the ability to stand calmly in front of any obstacle and, without trying, have it ease or melt away. Anything else–wishing, pushing, guiting, tricking, attacking, criticizing, fighting, complaining–is mere force. If we pause and look, we will see we all have the potential to be very powerful. When you get this […]