We Always Have Choices

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When faced with adversity at work, we have three choices. We can leave, we can stay and help change the offending things, or we can stay and change how we respond to those things so that they no longer offend. All three options are possible. All will work and create more freedom, happiness, and growth. […]

A Deep Insight

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It can look like complaint, frustration, withdrawal, fear, defensiveness, anger, worry, guilt, pushing, or avoiding. No matter. If anything has led you to believe that you are separate, above, below, isolated, or disconnected from any and all others, please–please–look again. The deep-down insight here is that, despite appearances, all of us are intimately connected. We […]

The Three Poisons

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There are three poisons that, left unchecked, will seriously damage our companies: blame shifting, waiting to be poked, and win-lose. Blame shifting includes defensiveness, making excuses, throwing others under the bus, and complaining. Waiting to be poked is the tendency to wait for others to initiate and follow up on work. It includes hiding behind […]

What Is Your Sense of the Sum?

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What is your sense of the sum? Negative, zero, or positive? Some people are zero-or-negative sum. They believe that the world is a harsh place, that you have to get your share before someone else takes it, that you have to protect yourself, that big problems are non-existent or someone else’s fault, and that we […]


How Much Process Is Too Much?

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We each have a process and procedure comfort zone. We fall somewhere on a continuum from, “We can never have enough process, procedures, and policies (plus data and analysis),” to, “Whoa! Just because you did it that way yesterday doesn’t mean I have to do it that way today.” Neither approach is right; both are valuable. Most […]


Evolving Our Leadership

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As our organizations grow, we must shift. If we hold too long to the methods that got us here, we will strangle our organizations. So we move away from being a task-master focused on getting it all done and toward being an executive. To be executives (with or without title), we Steward the creation and maintenance of a clear, […]


Change is Simple

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Because they are complex (and filled with people who tend to be quite complex themselves), organizations of any size are notoriously difficult to change. The assumptions, unknowns, and hidden dynamics normally overwhelm even the best change plans. To change an organization, let’s forget about big project plans. Instead : Let’s study the current situation and […]