The Value of Value

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Hire this person who has the experience or wait to find someone who fits our culture? Discount out of fear that this client will leave or hold out for clients who appreciate and pay for our value? If we make decisions for expediency and against our values, we give away the value of our values. […]


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When will we have enough? Never. It’s not because we have a psychological problem. It’s because–as soon as we reach any level of achievement–we will naturally and healthfully look over the edge, wonder what’s next, and pick something new to go after. This a good and natural part of being human. But many of us do […]

An Indsidious Question

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How much are you worth? This common, insidious question mixes two ideas that really should stay apart. It asks about how much money you have or make. It also pokes at your worth-as-in-worthiness. Putting these ideas together often leaves us thinking our worthiness has something to do with how much money we have. It doesn’t. […]


Profit and Generosity

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Profit and generosity go hand in hand. When one goes up or down, so does the other. By being generous, we increase the value we provide. We can thus charge or ask enough of others for us to thrive. And the more we are thriving, the more we can be generous. To get this virtuous […]

others' success?

Just Like Us

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The latest issue of Fast Company magazine arrived today. As is typical, the cover featured an energetic, smiling, wildly successful business leader. Encountering successful people, we sometimes get jealous. We want to justify ourselves or we wonder what’s wrong with us. It’s easy to get depressed, but that’s not the point. These people’s stories are […]


Why “Earning” Feels Bad

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When we think the word “earn” as in “earn your keep,” “earn your way,” or “earn a living,” it can feel quite bad. (It’s odd, given how we seem to want to earn.) We can have two not-so-helpful reactions. One is a sense of incomplete pride: “Look what I have done (and there’s more to […]

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Wealth and Status

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Wealth and status. Credentials and fame. Prestige and affluence. Contrary to some thought, none of these are bad. What is damaging to us and our world is pursuing them thinking they bring happiness. In fact, it’s the other way around.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Daniel Piraino via photopin cc


How to Make Money

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The best way to make money is not to try. The next best way is to help others be happier, freer, and growing in any way that works for you and them. This is possible even for the business you are in right now. After that comes making a wage/salary/fee/bonus–minuscule or gargantuan–in exchange for your […]


Money as By-Product?

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What if money was a by-product? Instead of it coming in exchange for something, what if it came as needed whenever you threw yourself into a project you loved? Imagine what projects you would start, what experiences you would seek, what people your would meet. What if, indeed. In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo […]