Feel good even when you don’t

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Remember this: feel good then act. When you are in a low energy, bad feeling state, the conclusions you make (especially about yourself) are guaranteed to be inaccurate. And your actions will be less effective. What is accurate? You are smart, capable, kind, worthy, contributing, loving, and loved. Meanwhile, don’t beat yourself up for having […]

Believe anything

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Here’s a thought that can really help when you want results in business and life that have been thus far elusive: You have the absolutely inalienable right to believe anything you choose. You can choose to believe that the moon is made of cheese. You can choose to believe that this politician is better than […]

Take good care of your ego

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Many good teachers, friends, and colleagues make the mistake of attacking the ego. They see it as a low, bad part of each of us. They encourage us, maybe with their words and certainly with their attitude, to fight the ego and all its manifestations. This is dangerous and unhelpful. Your ego–to the extent it […]

The Universal Productivity Trap

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Take a moment. Notice the big pile of tasks you have to do. Go ahead, take a look. I’ll wait. What happened? Look closely because it was likely fast and subtle. Though the sequence of thoughts and emotions you had is unique to you, you probably landed on one of two common reactions. You either […]

The Long View

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“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill That Which Was is big. That Which Was is no longer acceptable. That Which Is Coming looks and feels great. Evolving That Which Was takes time and focus. Creating That Which is Coming takes discernment. This long view helps my energy. The good news is I […]

What am I?

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Good architects use me. Good software designers use me. Good economists use me. You probably do, too I help you get a handle on complexity so you can make effective improvements. I help you organize, test,  and validate your approach. I help you communicate and teach ideas. I am not alone; I share my role […]

Optimism is Dead, Long Live Optimism!

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“Positive thinking,” “affirmations,” and “optimism” have developed bad names for themselves. As we commonly understand them, these approaches aren’t very useful and can be downright dangerous. I suggest a change that will let us get more of what we want in life and business. Before you get too alarmed, I am not, of course, crossing […]

How are you feeling?

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“How are you doing?” “How are you feeling?”  “How’s it going?” Though these questions are part of our common greetings to each other, they are also an unusually important questions to consider more deeply. That’s because how you feel, how you’re doing, how it’s going–in short, your mood–dramatically affects your success. Your mood is the sum of […]

Reality, in three acts

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Grasp Want to become really, really effective and satisfied?  Good. Then you really, really need to get a grasp on reality. Reality…as in “the universe we live in,” “everything,” “the whole enchilada.” A British scientist says that we as people are not smart enough to understand the universe. He may be right.  Every attempt to […]

Two Simple Habits for the Ultra-Busy

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How is your week going? No, really. How is it going? On a scale from “Calm waters, smooth sailing” to “Rough Chop” to “Gale” to “Tempest”, how effectively are you sailing through your week? Chances are that most of you—most of the time—will say, “Gale,” “Tempest,” or “What word do you have for something worse […]