When Doors Close

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Here’s something that we know and sometimes forget: one door closing causes infinite other doors to open. The joy is in the choosing. “What now?” is a delicious question. Then, having chosen, the joy is in choosing to appreciate what we have chosen. Another word for this is love. In your corner, Michael

Rule of Thumb

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Here’s a helpful rule of thumb: head towards fear, discomfort, or tension. Not to abuse yourself (“gotta take my lumps, must work hard”), not to assert your will over anything (how silly), but to get the gift. There is always a gift hiding in there. And the gift makes things easier. In your corner, Michael

Just This

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No dark fate determines our future. We do. Each day and each moment, we are able to create and re-create our lives and the very quality of human life on our planet. I love the core of joy, hope, and strength in this quote from the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Feel it? May your […]

Paper Tiger

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Cognitive dissonance unconsciously drives us to twist things to match our beliefs about ourselves, each other, the situation, and the world. We are all subject to it. Yet every day, we take in all sorts of new and vital information. Some of it will trigger our cognitive dissonance. To get the benefit of this information, […]

Direct Your Thinking

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  Too often, we let ourselves to be pulled and pushed by the events and circumstances we see around us, especially if–whether small or big–they are not what we want. This mode of life feels awful, drains us, and perpetuates those events and circumstances. Here’s something much better: direct your attention so that your attitude, […]

Opportunities Flying In

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Never worry about a missed opportunity. If we allow it, we will see that there are always more and more opportunities stacked up and ready to go for us. Like that endless line of airplanes coming into Heathrow.   In your corner, Mike

Comfort Is Overrated

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The warning signs at the edges of our comfort zone tell us to stop, go back, stay safe. Our comfort zone will even make up seemingly valid justifications for staying in the zone. Of course, to do something we’ve never done, we have to leave our comfort zone. But first we must catch our justifications. […]

Slow Start

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Why not start today slowly? Before diving into email, calls, or meetings, try sitting quietly for a minute (or three), breathing deeply slowly. Then notice the contrast. My guess? It’ll be rewarding enough to repeat tomorrow.   In your corner, Mike

Put On Your Mask First

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That people around us are struggling, blaming, deflecting, or otherwise full of drama does not mean that we need to do the same. You see, no amount of us struggling, etc. can ever help them. If we’re down, we can’t help them. Only when we are plugged in, feeling good can we ever have the […]

How To Do What’s Hanging Over You

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You know that thing you need to do? The one that’s uncomfortable and hanging over you? We intellectually know that things will be better when we finally just do it. But how to get past the FUDWARG (fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, guilt) that makes it uncomfortable and stalls or stops us? One good […]