Assume It Is

Fear that a problem is too big, too horrible, too far gone, or otherwise unsolvable is a wholly insufficient starting point for those who are about to solve it. Pessimism is a delay tactic.

Assume the problem (any problem from your child’s habit of forgetting his homework to your next year’s budget to the economy to global warming) is solvable. When you do, it becomes exciting. Then you have all the energy you need to get going.

So get going.


In your corner,


PS: False optimism–the kind that tries to paste over problems–is also dangerous. Thought it’s probably a good stepping stone to the honest optimism I’m suggesting.

One thought on “Assume It Is

  1. I think of Corporal Klinger in M.A.S.H. who decided to prove that he was crazy by eating a jeep. How do you eat a jeep, you ask? One piece at a time.

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