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  • Buzzzzz Up a Little

    Buzzzzz Up a Little

    When our buzz is low, we can’t leap to the high buzz we want. Frustrated to Elated, for example, is too big of a jump. But we can raise our buzz to something slightly better. Take three deep breaths then ask, “What’s a thought that feels slightly better than this?”In less than a minute you’ll […]

  • The Buzz-Raising Tools

    The Buzz-Raising Tools

    The purpose of each of the buzz-raising tools is to help us focus our thinking on what we want. When we do, we feel better, others are (suddenly, oddly) able to help more, and we accomplish things with much more ease. Here’s an updated list of the tools: The Catch The Flip The Ladder Telling Yourself a Different Lie The Keep-or-Toss…

  • Buzz-Raising for Profit

    Buzz-Raising for Profit

    Avoid the temptation to label feeling good or raising your buzz as soft, touchy-feely, or impractical. Buzz-raising is an asset that generates huge profits. Feeling good, tough problems at work and home become easy. When we feel good, other people benefit and become, in turn, more helpful to us. When we succeed at raising our buzz,…

  • Vigilant Buzz Raising

    Vigilant Buzz Raising

    Wherever we continue to struggle with something, we will find a long history of our bad-feeling thinking about that something. This thinking will often be habitual; we would hardly notice we are thinking it. And we may even think it’s normal to have these bad-feeling thoughts about this issue. Bad feelings tell us we are…

  • Stuck in a Low Buzz

    Stuck in a Low Buzz

    Raising our buzz is a sure way to feel better and get better solutions to whatever at work or home. But sometimes we actually resist raising our buzz. Though part of us knows better, we get stuck thinking that raising our buzz won’t help. Raising our buzz always helps. And we can do it so…

  • Let’s Not Fight the Low-Buzzers

    Let’s Not Fight the Low-Buzzers

    There are people in our world who have chronically low buzzes. Some of them appear quite angry, vengeful, or out to cheat. When we find ourselves entangled or in conflict with such low-buzz people, we may be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine: anger, revenge, or other damage. (We may even…

  • Getting Down to Brass Tacks about Buzz

    Getting Down to Brass Tacks about Buzz

    Some leaders may wonder, “Do I really need to raise my buzz? How does that sort of mumbo-jumbo fit into the practical, brass-tacks world of business?” Consider this: would you rather do business with a low-buzz or high-buzz client or colleague? And would you prefer having a low-buzz or a high-buzz boss? Right: buzz means…

  • What to Do About Low-Buzz Organizations

    Some organizations buzz at such a low level that we can feel it as soon as we walk into their offices, shops, or buildings. We don’t have to witness the poorer performance, lower morale, or more questionable results; they seem to be somehow in the air. Happily, it only takes one of us to turn…

  • Tips for Raising Your Buzz

    Tips for Raising Your Buzz

    Q: “How do you raise your buzz?” A: We raise our buzz in any way that makes us feel good, really good. We need not understand or even identify the bad-feeling thought. Just ask, “What thought would feel better than this?” Appreciating all that you already are and have is another good method. And so…

  • Raise a Little Buzz

    Raise a Little Buzz

    When a problem persists even if you seem to have tried everything, the temptation is to blame others, self, the world. It is far more productive to frame the problem in terms of buzz. Einstein said it well: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The solutions…