Building stronger companies.

Building stronger companies.

Unlock hidden talents and boost your company's ability to deliver healthy growth.


For measured improvement in

Senior Leadership Team Strength

Confidence, collaboration, accountability, and trust across the senior team.

Company Health

Greater capacity to sustainably, scalably deliver the right things at the next level of growth.

Leadership Effectiveness

More clarity and ownership so that people do great work they are proud of.


You are a leader of a growing company and you’re ready to take it from one level of growth to another.

But your frustrated because it’s getting harder to get everyone on the same page, working on the right things, and generating the right results. You’re spending too much time in the business instead of on it. And people are starting to get distracted by stress, drama, burnout, and slipping results.

You’re not alone. Every growing company hits spots where what got them here can’t help them go further.

Therefore, redirect a portion of your time to tap hidden talents, build capacity starting with a rock-solid senior team, and boost your company’s ability to deliver healthy growth at the next level.


For the Health of Your Company, Drop the Ball

If you are still the decider-in-chief--that is, if you are still stepping in to solve a problem for someone on your team --you are getting in the way of what you and your company need and want. Instead, tell them, "This is yours. How can I help?" More "For the Health of Your Company, Drop the Ball"

The Fear (and Joy) of Starting with the Problem

Sometimes we have a visceral reaction against starting with a problem. But there is great joy in problems when we look at them in a better way. More "The Fear (and Joy) of Starting with the Problem"

We are the Antidote

There are all sorts of reasons to be pessimistic about our world. And the problems are real: economic turmoil, competition, rising costs of living, climate,... More "We are the Antidote"


I work with you and your senior team to get next-level results without the stress, drama, or burnout. First we assess your company’s health–it’s ability scale and deliver sustainably–across seven priority areas: mindset, senior team strength, alignment, enrollment, steering, innovation, and funding. Based on what we see, we start where it makes sense, improving something important and immediate. Using proven tools, we unlock hidden strengths (every change has at least one opportunity to unlock hidden strengths within ourselves or across the team) and boost your company’s health.

As you proceed, you will build up trust, pick the next thing, and repeat as needed. Each time, you decide how much you want to take on and how much help you’d like from me.

My role

My role is being “in your corner.” I am advisor and coach to you and your team. I guide you through the process. Clients say they like how quickly I get to know them, their team, and their business. They refer to me as their Wendy Rhoades, Ted Lasso, business therapist, catalyst, or–in one case–honorary founder and partner. My inside-outsider status helps you get relevant perspective. We also set you up with confidential peer support–often seen as getting the “cheat codes” for being an effective leader.


3-Step Loop

To help you and your senior team re-direct a portion of time and resources, unlock hidden talents, and boost your company’s ability to deliver healthy growth at the next level, we will install the 3-Step Loop routine.

Step 1: Do a company health check (mindset, senior team strength, alignment, enrollment, steering, innovation, and funding) and select the more important area(s) to address.

Step 2: Planning, tracking, execution, coaching, workshops to deliver boosts to those areas. We use a quarterly cadence.

Step 3: Repeat. Every quarter, evaluate progress, check-in on overall company health, and choose the next area to boost. Every year, re-assess progress on your company’s health and plan the improvements for the upcoming quarters.

Senior Team Design

From time to time, leadership teams need to a refresh so they can lead the company at a new level of growth and complexity. So we clarify strengths of leaders, define the roles we need now, resolve any gaps or overlaps, and reset healthy norms.

Executive Coaching

Confidential, experienced sounding board, accountability partner, and/or leadership development partner. We can work for a reason (a specific goal), a season (a project, challenge, or time of change), or on-going support of you and your goals.

Peer Learning

Confidential, best-fit, highest-impact, and lowest time commitment groups for CEOs and executives. You’ll join a choice group of leaders committed to growth, inspired leadership, and the effectiveness of peer learning.


Consulting Company CEO

“We have worked with Mike since we started the company over 15 years ago. Along the way, he provided the insight and guidance so that we could take the company further than any of us thought possible. Of course, we put in all the sweat, sleepless nights, and investments. But without Mike, we would not have gotten here.”

Public Sector CEO

“Whatever the leadership situation, Michael points me to powerful solutions–ones I usually already know–that cut through the stress, drama, and burnout.”

Publicly-traded Company CFO

“Michael is like our Wendy Rhoades, the character in Billions, who helps executives stay clear, steer well, and thrive.”

Get Started

Let’s see.

If this resonates, let’s talk. We can explore what’s working in your company and what would make it even better. You will walk away with a game plan and we can decide whether it make sense for me to help.

Please let me know some times that would work for you. Or, if it’s easier, book a convenient time here.