A Cure-All

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There is a cure that is good for reducing unsightly politics, itchy inaction, painful apathy, and embarrassing turnover. It is also good for vigorously increasing sales and meaningful impact. It is not a pill, tincture, tea, or cream. It doesn’t come from a dispensary; it comes from all of us. We as leaders (with or without title), […]


Heated Arguments

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Heated arguments over How, Who, or When usually indicate we have lost track of the three bigger picture questions: “What is going on now?”, “What do we wan to have happen instead?”, and “Why?” To reduce friction and conflict–to get moving forward again–let’s go back and agree on What, What, and Why first. Then the […]


Addicted to “How”?

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We have somehow come to believe that we must vigilantly think about how all manner of things will unfold. We imagine that bad things will happen if we don’t try to anticipate and control eventualities. For most any situation, we envision all that could go wrong, we generate angst, we lower our buzz, and become […]

Expect It – Refined

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I am grateful to a reader of yesterday’s Note (“expect that what you want will arrive”) because she helped me refine my suggestion.  She noted that when she expects others to do things, for instance, she ends up disappointed, not happy. Expectation failed, I suspect, because she focused on how something should be done (person […]