Go Ask

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  When in trouble, ask for help.   In your corner, Mike PS: Seriously. Go ask. The small amount of vulnerability needed to ask for help now is so much less costly than the serious kick-in-the-bum we’ll all get if you try to handle the unhandleable alone.

Vulnerable Leader

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Lack of vulnerability, often taking the form of puffery, aloofness, or bullying, demonstrates lack of strength. Vulnerability requires and is strength. But why do we need to be strong and vulnerable? Because, except under clear and present emergencies, people follow us to the extent we share our vulnerabilities.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo […]

Scary, Isn’t It?

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The scary thing about being a leader is that, for any real change to happen, we have to be the first ones to change.   In your corner, Mike PS: Vulnerability. Dang.   Today’s photo credit: hehaden Gorgeous George via photopin (license)

How Vulnerable Are You?

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Vulnerability, intimacy, caring, and emotional risk. Mostly we’ve learned to avoid these at work. But, adopted with care, these become our power tools. They build trust which builds all great organizations and differentiates us in the marketplace. You see, work is intensely personal, human. These tools help us navigate the important issues and emotions we […]


Why Strong Leaders Must Ring the Vulnerable Bell

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Being vulnerable seems like being extremely exposed, weak, and rather stupid. So from very early in life, we erect barricades to prevent being that threatened. We follow the crowds and become some version of the aloof, got-my-stuff-together, winning-at-life professional. But the barricades have a nasty side effect. They shut out what every single one of us […]


Willingly Vulnerable

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We know we need a strong inner game in order to sell, lead, and influence. When we think “strong,” we usually believe we must be on alert. Letting no one take advantage of us, dismiss us, threaten us, or criticize us, we get ready for the next call or meeting by raising shields. We seek […]

To Relationship, Trust, Vulnerability and Back

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The quality (including the joy, usefulness, and potential) of any of your relationships depends directly on the level of trust between you. To increase the trust in any relationship–at work or at home–you have to be more vulnerable. To be more vulnerable, trust in yourself. Trust that you can handle the situation you find yourself […]