Our Power and Purpose

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​[W]e are torn this way and that. Social and business pressures push us, and we go along, but the spark within is hard to extinguish, and even as we hurry to conform we may pause to wonder if this is all there is to life, and we glance uneasily over our shoulders (once a week or more), wondering vaguely if we haven’t forgotten something, a cheerful word perhaps, a quiet moment, a little love – could it possibly be ourselves we have forgotten?

– Robert S. Hartman, Freedom to Live

We can not only remember ourselves, we can bring that spark to our social and business worlds for their benefit and ours.

So good, yes?


In your corner,


PS: How? Find your SweetSpot and build upon it.

PPS: Shall we? Yes, let’s!


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How To Say No To Emails, Meetings, Etc.

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It’s hard to say no to all the emails, meetings, interruptions, and other demands on our time. It is hard, that is, until we commit to something bigger, better, and more important to say yes to.

Yes. It’s that simple.


In your corner,


PS: Easy? Nope. Simple? Yes. Doable? By you!? Of course.

PPS: How to find that something? Look for something compelling. It will use your talents, engage your passions, involve you in problems and opportunities you care about, and leave you well cared for including being well paid. In short, it will feel terrific to imagine and exciting (and perhaps challenging) to pursue.


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Following the Script Too Closely

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[There’s a video bonus with today’s Note. See the PS. -m.e.]

“You’re good at {insert school topic here}, you should be a {insert some well-admired job here}.” “This is the typical career path in this industry.” “That’s how everybody does it? Oh. Okay.” “To pursue my dream I have to take a serious pay cut.”

If we follow the script too closely, our work and lives will fall rather short of meaningful.

Mix it up. Go for whatever propels and supports you. Our world is plenty big and rich enough to accommodate you.


In your corner,


PS: Watch this 1-minute video that Alex Gladwell at Rainbow Scontayo created. It’s of me riffing on this idea. Also via YouTube or Facebook. Thanks, Alex!

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The Best Way to Land a Job These Days

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Job boards, applications, resumes. Oh. My. Stories from the front lines tell us that the traditional way of finding a job is pretty well broken.

The best way to land a job today is to a) become a “killer candidate” and b) grow our network until it includes our next employer. Growing our network is how we will find the opportunities. Read more about that here.

Becoming a killer candidate is not about ticking boxes. It is not a form of beauty pageant; it is not about becoming someone we are not.

It is about clarity.

It is being clear about who we are and what we offer. I suggest people figure out their SweetSpot and use it to target appealing industries and companies and to hone their personal marketing content (elevator speech, resume, cover letter).

It is also about clear conversations with potential employers.  We do not start off talking about our qualifications nor do we jump through hoops in some attempt to match what we think they want from us. Instead, our conversations focus on understanding what the hiring manager is trying to accomplish overall. We explore next how this role–if it is done well–would contribute to that hiring manager’s and the overall company’s desired results. Only then do we talk about us. Only then do we tell stories that demonstrate how our talents, passions, perspectives, and experience line up to (help) deliver those results.


In your corner,


PS: None of this is difficult. It is just different.


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Chasing Career Specters

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In every industry or profession there is a mythical,  ideal character we feel compelled to emulate. If we want to get a good job, get ahead, and be seen as on top or at least  acceptable, we twist ourselves to think and act as they do.

But this ideal doesn’t exist. She/he/it is a loosely defined set of impossible, contradictory traits. We are so busy trying to be seen as possessing these traits that we never notice that we are chasing a specter.

Our careers become meaningful when we stop trying to fit this mythical mold. The truth is we are each uniquely talented and valuable. And there are plenty of people and organizations who need and value who we are, what we do, and how we help them.

Be you.


In your corner,


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How to Make Your Business or Career Soar

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Most of us do not give our hearts to anything.

– J. Krishnamurti

We all will continue to struggle in our businesses and careers until we give our good hearts to the things we love.

The only things that prevent us from giving out hearts are the “yeah but” thoughts that come up about money, worthiness, talent, and the way things are. And this leaves us with one course: to fit, to imitate, to be accepted.

To the extent we explore and solve the solvable problems underlying those thoughts, we will be free to soar.

In your corner,



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But What Should I Commit To?

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“Ah,” you say. “I would love to commit but I haven’t a clue what I should commit to.”

It turns out that this is also simple. Go with what makes you leap for joy. Pick anything (and there are several things that will work for you) that makes your heart sing, that demands your talents, that meets your needs, wants, and desires, and that serves a compelling need, want, or desire for others.


In your corner,



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How You Fit

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I don’t know what is the ideal life- and work path for you. But I do know it will use and refine your talents. It will engage you in things you care about. It will leave behind struggle, frustration, fighting, compromise, and sacrifice. And, by providing something of value to some other people, it will be bigger than you. It’s also 100% possible for you, despite any doubts.

If you are not already doing this ideal, it is highly likely that your are doing some of it and can identify the rest.

Though thinking about the obstacles to the ideal may seem the prudent next step, it’s thinking about how wonderful this life is/will be that will lead you quickly in the direction you want to go.


In your corner,


PS: It is always a fine day when we remember how we fit into the puzzle of the universe.


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Fear of Making the Wrong Choice

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Fear of making the wrong choice is one reason we may not commit to a career, market niche, or organizational strategy. “What if I/we choose this option and it’s not quite right? What if I/we choose this one and then learn of a better one? After all the investment in this one, I/we couldn’t go back.”

The antidote to this fear is to find our (or our organization’s) SweetSpot. From our SweetSpot we can generate many possible strategies, careers, and niches that would be delightful, meaningful, rewarding, and satisfying. This is true because, by definition, our SweetSpot (personal or organizational) is the set of criteria for having a delightful, meaningful, rewarding, and satisfying career, niche, or strategy.

When we choose something that matches our SweetSpot, we will be happy. Pick one and go.


In your corner,



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