It’s Not Your Business Plan

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Let’s say there is something in your business or career that is not working. And let’s say you have thought of or tried everything without seeing the results you want. It’s as if you’ve hit a wall and cannot find a way around or over it.

Five will get you twenty, it is not your business plan; it is not your career plan.

It is you.

Whenever you are struggling, it is how you see yourself and how you see the world that are at odds with the success you want. These ways of seeing things are so ingrained that you may not even notice them. And when you do notice them, you think they are part of who you are; you resist mightily any attempt to change them. These ways or beliefs were taught to you and were once useful to you. You may still see them as the secret sauce in your success recipe because they had helped you so well in the past. Holding on to them tightly–even after they have stopped working for you–you hit the wall.

What do you really need to do? You need to change who you think you are (which will lead you to change how you think the world is).

Not to worry, though. Odd as it may sound, a part of you already knows what you need to be. The rest of you thinks you are not ready and is in fear. The good news is that because you hit the wall, you are ready.

Exercise: Quietly ask yourself this question: “Who do I need to be in order to have the success I seek?” Be willing to be surprised by your answer. Write down your answer. Then ask, “If I were to become this, how might I do it? If my friend wanted to become this, what would advise?” Write down your answers to these questions. If you answered, “I don’t know,” to any of these questions, then try setting the exercise aside and coming back to it in a day or two. Or reach out to me or another friend.


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PS: It is also not your marketing, sales, strategy, or operations. It is not your networking, resume, or interviewing skills. It’s not the economy, competition, …

PPS: Some common examples of these “wall hitting” beliefs include

  • “I am not a salesperson.”
  • “Life is harsh, chaotic.”
  • “Business is war.”
  • “I am not good at X.”
  • “I am not allowed to have what I want.”
  • “No one wants what I have to offer.”
  • “Money is scarce.”
  • “Money is bad.”
  • “Poverty is good. I want to be good.”
  • “I do not deserve.”
  • “Hard work is the only way.”
  • “With enough data or assurance from others, I can be secure then act.”
  • “I am lazy.”
  • “Life is a competition. Get before others get.”
  • “No one can tell me what to do.”
  • “I am not a leader.”
  • “You’ve gotta push to get what you want from others, from life.”
  • “I am threatened, alone, weak, ignorant, ugly, graceless, an impostor…”
  • “I cannot stand out. I am not special.”

PPPS: The very good news is that none of those things are true, really.

One Cure for Inaction

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One big source of inaction is the thought that we should shoot for big results, that we need to hit home runs to be successful.

We get stuck because the big results look too hard, too complicated, and too risky. So we do nothing.

Instead, take tiny steps consistently. Do what you can each day. When you do, you move closer to your goal, generate momentum and excitement, and attract others who will help. You also see better where to go next as you take small steps closer.

Go for singles, bunts, and walks instead of grand slams. And here is something odd and helpful: if you take care of the singles etc., the grand slams will take care of themselves.

To your continued success,


3 Steps to Get Unstuck

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Next time you find yourself stuck, procrastinating, or at a loss for what to do, do not beat yourself up. Instead, use this tip. It works for me every time.

Here are the three steps:

  1. Grab your set of lists. It doesn’t matter what state they are in.
  2. Start an ad hoc refresh of your lists. Even if you’ve already done a refresh today, start doing another refresh. Use the MOD It habit. Use this tip to handle lingering items that you may be resisting.
  3. Celebrate getting unstuck! You will feel better because the refresh will help you clear the decks, get you back in the natural flow of action, and do next what’s next best to do.

Keep this tip close at hand. And then fire us a note to tell us how you did.


To your continued success,