Busting It Wide Open

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Having strong relationships with others is one of the four pillars of simple success. (The others are having a compelling goal, getting stuff done in a natural flow, and replacing broken mental models with supportive ones.)

Sometimes our important relationships stop being strong. Maybe we notice they annoy us. Or threaten us. Or maybe they lack some critical skill. Perhaps they have insulted us or we have somehow harmed them. So instead of engaging and celebrating with them, we tolerate them. Yuck.

Here’s how you bust wide open a stale relationship and encourage a vitality that will benefit all. Next time you encounter someone with whom you have a stale or strained relationship, silently say to yourself “I see you. I love you. Peace.” Try it a few times with that same person. Notice what happens then come back and tell us what you uncover.


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PS: Of course, since you are the only person who will hear you, this is a painless exercise.

PPS: Bonus points if you try it while the other person is in the room and you aren’t speaking (e.g. just passing in the hall). Double bonus points if you try it when the other person is not even in the room with you.


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Quick Check

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Here is a quick check-in tool you can use to test the health of a project, venture, business, or career.

  1. Do I (or does everyone involved) have a clear, compelling (i.e. I/we really want to keep doing it), and complete understanding of the big-picture goals?
  2. Do all who matter (to this project, venture, business, or even to my career) currently believe they personally will win by being part of this?
  3. Do I (or does everyone involved) honestly and completely believe I/we will succeed?
  4. Am I (or are we) getting stuff done “in the zone”, “in a flow”, without pushing or procrastinating?

If you can honestly say “yes” for each of them, then you are on the road to success. And a “no” is often a more valuable answer.

For every “no,” ask, “What is true now regarding the topic of this question? What would it need to look like so that I can answer ‘yes’ to the question? What’s the first step?”


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PS: Use this check-in tool frequently. For a project you might use it weekly or monthly. For your business, use it quarterly or annually. Or use it any time you get that itch that says you may be off track.


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Success is as Simple as This

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A major indicator of success anywhere is whether you really believe you will succeed.

The problem is that most of us have the subtle habit (that is, you might not be completely aware of it) of thinking that it won’t work out. And oddly, that’s what happens: we don’t succeed. Some of us have the subtle habit of thinking that it will work out. And it does. Most of us have experienced both. (Hint: if you are regretting the past or worrying about the future, chances are you are in the habit of thinking that it won’t work out.)

Success is as simple as this: you get what you subtly believe you will get.

This can seem too good to be true. Maybe you think it’s just hooey. Or maybe you think it works for some people but not for you. It’s too easy (not to mention incomplete) for me to dismiss your disbelief in this approach as proof that it is correct. Instead, look for examples in your life where you have been successful with little struggle. Chances are high that, at those times, you trusted, you knew that it would work out.

Tomorrow we’ll cover a common trap that prevents this approach from working and even convinces people that it does not work.

In your corner,


PS: What do you believe?

Effectiveness Lists: The Barebone Edition

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We’ve seen how trying to do it all is impossible. And how the far better way is to select what you will do from the huge list of what you could do.

In fact, the system I suggest can be simplified into this Barebone Edition of two lists and three repeating steps:

  1. Write down anything you might do, could do, or should do on your “I am not going to do this” list.
  2. Scan that list regularly and move the most compelling few items to your “I am going to do this” list.
  3. Empty your “I am…” list by doing those things (or by choosing to move some items back to the other list).



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Simply Said

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As I’ve been known to say, success is simple. And there are several ways to describe how to have success simply. Here’s one of my faves.

Do what you can to add joy, freedom, and growth to your life and others lives.

Careful, now. If you’re tempted to think you cannot do this in your present situation, think again. You SO can.

In your corner,


No Mystery

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Good business strategies and good career strategies are neither difficult nor mysterious. They share the same features.

Your career or business strategy will be strong and meaningful if they

  • employ a unique constellation of talents, yours or your business’s
  • engage your or your business’s values and passions
  • satisfy your needs, wants, or desires or those of your business, and
  • bring more happiness, freedom, and abundance to others by meeting their need, wants, and desires.

Simple, eh?

To your continued success,


One Way to Go

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As the name of this blog indicates, I think success is simple. It’s just not always that easy. Take for instance getting started with the Effectiveness Habits. You may want to replace old organization habits with ones you think would better serve you. But habits are sticky. To deal with old, sticky habits, your first three steps are

  1. making the choice to adopt a new habit,
  2. seeing the new habit as 100% in-line with what you really want, and
  3. taking any action that makes sense and moves you closer to your goal.

Friend and reader, Jay, came up with a great way to get started with his Effectiveness Habits system. After reading the daily posts for a while, he chose to adopt these habits. He saw them as useful. Then he took action. He created seven cards, each with one of the habits printed on it. Then he pinned the cards at eye level on the board behind his computer. Says Jay, “I feel that the seed planted many weeks ago has just sprouted”

How about you? If you have chosen to adopt these or other habits, how have you started?


To your continued success,