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When you raise your buzz, new tools and solutions–ones you couldn’t see or wouldn’t appreciate at a lower buzz–become available. One of those tools is serendipity. At a lower buzz, we worry about how things will happen. Raising our buzz, we notice more and more happy, beneficial, chance meetings, events, and coincidences. We go from […]


Raise a Little Buzz

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When a problem persists even if you seem to have tried everything, the temptation is to blame others, self, the world. It is far more productive to frame the problem in terms of buzz. Einstein said it well: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The solutions […]

Assume It Is

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Fear that a problem is too big, too horrible, too far gone, or otherwise unsolvable is a wholly insufficient starting point for those who are about to solve it. Pessimism is a delay tactic. Assume the problem (any problem from your child’s habit of forgetting his homework to your next year’s budget to the economy […]

How Do You Approach a Problem?

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There are three ways to approach any problem. All three can work. (Before you read further, think of a problem bugging you or your organization. Keep this problem in mind as you explore the three ways. Three Ways To Approach Any Problem You believe that the problem is hard, that it is a threat to you or your […]