Tell Us Why

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To fix a long-standing problem in a company, step away from it. Start over-communicating why fixing this problem is so important.  When they understand the why–and when the why is compelling and believable–people are then able to jump in with the solutions we need.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: diverdewan15 Calling […]


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To succeed more, trust that you are bigger than each challenge you face.   In your corner, Mike PS: And, guess what? You are.   Today’s photo credit: Tim Malabuyo cc

Contributing to the Problem?

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In all conflicts, both sides contribute. Every time we get wound up by another’s behavior, we must stop to see how our reactions add to the problem. Once we see our contribution, we can change it. This does not mean that we are to capitulate, get angry, fall on our sword, or try to assign […]

Presenting Problems

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Doctors and others in the helping professions know to take presenting problems (“My arm hurts, Doc.”) and presenting solutions (“I need a prescription.”) with a grain of salt. They listen, empathize, then start exploring for the real problem before suggesting any solutions. Good leaders do the same things. We know that the complaints and requests […]

When the Fit Hits the Shan

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When things go wrong, our habit is to try to control (actively or passively) things, people, and outcomes. But that hardly ever works. And when it does work, it’s at great cost. No, when the fit his the shan, the best bet is to pause, raise our buzz, listen, and observe. Things will start sorting […]


Accept and Pivot

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One way of navigating a problem is to say, “If only…” If only that person would change. If only this situation would be different. If only I hadn’t done that. If only I had a fairy godmother to handle this for me. Another way is to say, “Yes. And.” Yes, that happened. And here’s what […]


Problem Finders

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There are three ways to be of value to another person or organization. If they know the problem and know the solution to that problem, we can do what they say for a small fee. If they know the problem and not the solution, we can solve the problem for them for a greater fee. If they know […]