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Here’s an unusual but powerful way to add value: when the rest of the world (or at least the rest of the people in the meeting) are flying off the handle, we can remain calm. We need not say anything. We only need to stay present, breathing. They may not acknowledge or even recognize what we’re […]

Life Becomes Easier, That’s Why

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Let’s be present. Presence means neither regretting the past nor worrying about the future. It means not trying to control things. It means accepting what’s true now, declaring what (if anything) we want to be true, being open insights and inspirations, then acting with appropriate speed on those insights and inspirations. But why bother? Learning […]

looking forward

The Past Means Nothing

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Our past has nothing to do with what our present is and our future will be. Unless we let it.   In your corner, Mike PS: Nothing at all. PPS: Though it was that way before, we have all the power we need to choose anew now. PPPS: This means we can change everything. Yes, even […]


What Do They Mean, “Now”?

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The sages tell us to be present, live in the now. They all swear by it. They say it’s where we are most powerful. And they share their heartiest, “It’s the grooviest, man,” “You gotta dig it,” and similar endorsements whenever the topic comes up. But what do they mean really? And what about history? […]


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There is an important place I encourage you to visit often. Where is it? Well… When you have guilt about the past or worry about the future, you are shunting your power away from this, the place where it can do you and the rest of us any good. When you anticipate something going poorly–or […]