Suppose We Don’t

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Suppose we cut corners? Suppose we feather our nests? Suppose we get while the getting is good? Suppose we compete on price? Suppose we sue? Suppose we press our advantage? Suppose we underpay? Suppose we over promise? Suppose we cut our training and development? Suppose we bait and switch? Suppose we baffle? Suppose we trick ’em? Suppose we get them with the fine print? Suppose we think, “Well, everybody else is doing it, why not us?”

People are smart. They will see. No matter how short-term appealing it might seem, if we proceed with something that isn’t a win for both them and us, it will always eventually be a lose for us all.

Let’s be the ones people choose over and over because we don’t suppose any of those things.


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We May Be Undercharging

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Profit pressure may come from burgeoning costs or poor planning. But often it comes from not charging enough. Many of us feel we need to compete on price because that’s what the market demands.

Really, though, it’s because we still have to do the work of focusing on our ideal clients, listening to how they explain their challenges, building our products and services to address those challenges, then demonstrating how we help, why us, and why now.

Let’s serve our clients well and compete on value.


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the camera

Turn the Camera

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Most organizations spend untold time and money explaining what they (and their products and services) do and why they are so good. Look at their websites to see that they have the camera firmly turned at themselves.

Most prospective clients, on the other hand, focus on the the results they want and the obstacles they face.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, to spend time and money understanding what clients want and face? Then we can show how what we do would help.

Turn the camera.


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How Would People Say They Benefit from Your Work?

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We can best describe what we do by imagining how clients or bosses would say that they benefit from our work. Try completing this template from the perspective of your boss or client:

I call (or turn to) {your name} whenever I am {emotion} because of {situation}. I count on {your name} because we always end up {meaningful result}. I appreciate that because {reason unique to you}.

Example: “I call Wil whenever I am frustrated because of the delays that keep hitting my projects. I count on Wil because we always end up with the projects back on track and with a reinvigorated team. I appreciate that because Wil doesn’t sacrifice the people for the project nor the project for the people but still delivers again and again.”

We can turn these statements into effective elevator pitches to potential bosses or clients.

I help {the types of people who experience that emotion and situation} to {that meaningful result}. {Those people} appreciate how I {that reason}.

Example: “I help business leaders who are frustrated at yet another project delay to get the project back on track and the project team reinvigorated. These leaders appreciate how I get the job done without sacrificing the people or the project.”

Try it and compare it to the usual way of describing what you do.


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