We Could Think of It This Way

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With all of the evil in the world, we could believe things are becoming worse. Or we can recognize that the same sorts of bad deeds have always happened. But now we’re exposing more.

Thanks, Internet!

And we can feel better knowing that bad always withers in the light. So keep on shining yours.

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Bad News, Good News, Best News

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The bad news is that we are pretty much the sole source of any lack of success we experience, anywhere. <<sigh>>

The good news is that we are pretty much the sole source of any success we want. <<yes!>>

The best news is that we don’t have to fret the details, worry the plans, or try to make success happen. Success comes quickly when we focus on what we really want, build win-win partnerships with everyone who matters, tune our inner game toward good feeling thoughts, and act as inspired each moment. <<whoooohoooo!>>


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PS: Do you know what you really want? Are those around you winning and supporting you to win? Do you feel good? Can you trust that, from a pile of anything you might do, you can select the most compelling thing to do right now and that is more than enough?

PPS: Or are you scattered? Are there fights and complaints? Are you down or angry, maybe focusing on what’s wrong? Are you pushed about by meetings and emails? It can really seem as though you have to figure it out, make it happen, push. Hard as it is to imagine when you are struggling, trust that your only work is to focus, build, tune, and act as described above.
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going up

Better or Worse? You Choose.

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Are things getting better or worse? Every day we hear stories of murder, corruption, injustice, disease, natural disasters, victimization, economic struggles, and war. Hooboy.

Though we get that negativity from the media, the media are not to blame. They are simply giving us what we have told them we want. They follow–consciously or not–the “if it bleeds, it leads” mantra because we respond to it. We love negative stories, they surmise.

But those stories we hear are not anywhere near the whole truth. Look around you. What do you notice? For the vast majority of us, most things work. The sun rises every day. The law of gravity has not been repealed. We have love, friendship, comfort, food, and shelter. We are free to express ourselves. The people around us–even strangers–are good and kind. They stop at the traffic lights and say “thank you” when you hold the door for them.

Yes, there are serious problems all over. And we–the good, kind people–will solve them. So choose. Do you want to reduce your focus on the negative and up your participation in the positive? If so then,

  1. Go on a news diet. Notice and celebrate–quietly and with others–all the good stuff.
  2. Read Peter Diamandis’ and Steven Kotler’s book, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. It describes how good things are and how we are actually solving today’s big problems.
  3. Know where you are best able to contribute and then do that. Hint: if you are in your SweetSpot, then you are contributing perfectly.


It’s good and getting better, ya?


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News Diet

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Murder, conflict, politics, woe.


Whether we hear it, watch it, or read it, our daily dose of news stories feels bad, triggers defensiveness, and has us missing all the good that happens and that could happen.

Try a news diet. Shut off the radio, put down the paper, change the channel, close that browser tab. Notice how much better you feel after just a day.

Don’t worry about staying on top of things. If something dramatically important happens that needs your attention, someone will tell you. And, having not drained your batteries listening to the news, you will be in a much better state to help if you are needed.

In your corner,


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