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Leaders (with or without title) face this conundrum every day: how to get the right stuff done. Controlling or trying to making things happen are great ways to generate resistance to what we want.  Avoiding and protecting might seem like good alternatives but they are only other forms of trying to control.

These all are arguments with reality. They belie a belief that life is harsh, we are embattled, and only our actions can save us.

When we come to understand that life is emergent–that we are its creators not its subjects or victims–business and life-at-large become joyous, light, productive, and rich.

Which is nice.


In your corner,


PS: You needn’t agree with me. Many don’t. And you might want to explore how this perspective helps or hampers you.


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Ego Goes

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Whenever our day or life seems sucky, there’s a good chance that we have gotten tripped up by ego. The solution is not to tame or suppress our egos but to shift our perspective about what ego really is.

We attribute to our ego all sorts of flaws. We give it the basest motivations. It is the source of all our poor habits. And we blame our egos and other people’s egos when bad things happen. So we are told we must control or defeat our egos.

This is all quite amusing since our egos don’t really exist. They are projections, figments, explanations. They are symptoms. They are scapegoats. They are what we think we are when we are what I call “running on battery power” versus “being plugged into the mains.”

The more we run on battery power, the more we see life as a harsh puzzle. We then spend lots of energy trying hard to figure out how to survive life. Ego is the set of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that we think we are when we run on battery power.

The more we are plugged in, the more we see life as a fun game, as an experiment or as an adventure of our own making. Plugged in, we find life compelling. We appreciate, celebrate, and honor more. We engage what we care about, we employ our talents, we live, and we–in any way–help others to live. We feel good.

And the more we are plugged in, the more the illusion of ego fades away.

Plug in, then.

In your corner,



Enough with the Calculus of Fate

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When we look to the future, most of us have very little idea about what we actually want.  If pressed, we mention some generic notions like  having more money, more success, more time, better relationships, or staying healthy.

Oddly, we actually resist getting specific. We kick up “yeah, buts”  like, “What if I dream of something specific that doesn’t happen?”, “What if I get what I dream about but it ends up not being as satisfying as I had hoped?”, “I don’t usually get what I want,” and  “Too many things could go wrong; I have to plan for all the options.”

If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there. — Yogi Berra

Instead of this calculus of fate and ‘what may be,’ let’s dream. Let’s paint a picture of where we are headed. Looking just beyond our “yeah, buts” we see that  know exactly what we want. We can describe in specific and exciting ways the future that would make our hearts sing. It feels terrific to do so.

And which is more likely to deliver what you want: a specific, exciting, detailed vision of what you want or not that?



In your corner,



PS: Want to make your exciting vision come true? Don’t jump into action. Start by having your heart singing.


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A Gentle Reminder to All Travelers

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Welcome! Welcome aboard this journey to the rest of your life. We are so happy you are here. As you settle in, look about and see what you’d like to achieve next.

You have many things to choose from. Many of our guests are shocked to realize how many possibilities exist for them. You can learn more and solve problems. Try your hand at making money or building something. Maybe you’d go for something artistic, holistic, or designy? You can help others and help our world. You can lead us. Or maybe you want to live and describe a better way of life?

No matter what you choose, you can be successful. As long as you focus on your freedom, happiness, and growth, you can’t go wrong.

A gentle reminder: you will go much father, faster if you decide who you need to be to achieve what you desire, not what you need to do.

Let me know if you need any assistance with your choice. And do enjoy the trip.

In your corner,


PS: Today, of course, I chose to be your cruise director. Yoga on the Lido deck in 20 minutes.


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A Secret to Life

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There is a secret to life. And the poets and other artists know it! Who’d have guessed, eh?

They really want us to know it, too. But it’s hard to pick out exactly what they mean.

I could be wrong but I think it is something like “you are the imaginer,” “it’s all a wonderful game,” “it’s fun; it should feel great,” and “c’mon, let’s play.”

What do you make of it?


In your corner,


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keep going

You Have a Mission

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You have a mission. No matter how young or old you are, it’s inside you and aching to be realized. Even in the face of your fears, doubts, and uncertainties, it asks you to be that man or that woman who stands and chooses again and again to give it life.

Yes, it is both rewarding and terrifying. The good news is you’ve got all of us to lend you a hand. You can do it. We await your orders.


In your corner,



PS: Hey, don’t get derailed with concern that your mission is too small or large or insignificant or impossible. Measure your mission by the amount of bravery, heart, strength, and smarts used to realize it and by the reward received in return. When you do you will see that, whether it touches 1 or billions, your mission and everyone’s mission have exactly the same size and value.

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To Lead a Great Life

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One way is to be what’s expected of you. That may mean playing small. Or it may mean striving to measure up or even to be better than.

Another way is to be more and more of what and who you are.

The former demands from you lots of energy,  focus, and endurance. The latter gives you all that.

Knowing you, you probably would prefer the latter. And you would appreciate knowing that the key to living this way is to trust. Trust that you matter, that it will work, that you have and add value, that you are fine, safe, welcomed, and loved.

In your corner,


PS: You do, it will, you do, and you are. Just saying.

What Does It All Mean?

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Life, eh?

What does it all mean? Why are we here? What’s the purpose? Who am I? Where do I fit in the world, in the galaxy? What is meaningful work? What is success? What makes sense for me, my family, my business/career?

These questions just start to scratch the surface of something profound. They seem to be huge and daunting questions. They are so huge that we alternately search for the answers or distract ourselves with the busyness of life so we won’t have to face it all. If you hadn’t noticed, we burn a lot of time, energy, and effort seeking answers to or avoiding  questions of meaning. The good news is that Meaning is neither huge nor daunting.

In fact, it is simple. The hard and fast rule is: “It means whatever you say it means.”

Scary? Maybe. Liberating? You bet.

When you see yourself as the one who gets to decide the meaning of things for you, it takes the pressure off. Your job now is to choose meanings that work for you. (Advance to Go and collect $200 when notice how others must be the authorities who decide meaning in their lives.)

We’ll anchor this idea in some examples tomorrow. In the meantime, I wish you a week of meaningfulness.


In your corner,



PS: “What does this have to do with my business or my career?” Everything, my friend. Absolutely everything.

PPS: It has been within you the whole time. How about that?!