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Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap for ourselves a virtually unlimited source. And where will find such a source? It’s right here and it’s called appreciation.   In your corner, Mike

Leadership, Sales, Collaboration and Picking a Place for Dinner

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Leading, selling, collaborating, and choosing a place to go to dinner with your partner tonight are essentially the same. They all require understanding what the other person ultimately wants, having them understand what we want, and creatively finding a way to satisfy both sides. When we take this particularly helpful perspective, we can easily master […]


What Delegation Really Means

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Delegation does not mean simply handing over a task. Nor does it mean getting other people to do a task the way we would. It means setting up an environment where they can do it better then we can. This includes setting the standards or measures of success (“Here’s how we’ll know you’ve done it […]


The Best Way to Receive Criticism

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Like buffaloes walking toward storms to reduce the duration of their exposure, we can best weather criticisms by heading right for them. Try this. Ask the people who matter in your career (and life) what they think you do well and what you could improve. Thank them for their candor. After gathering their input, select […]

I'm all ears.

To Change Someone’s Mind

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In order to change someone’s mind, start where their mind is now. Should we start with our position–by convincing, educating, lobbying, telling, fighting, begging, tricking, arguing, ordering, or whining–they will raise shields. We must, instead, ask good questions and listen. They must first agree that we have heard their thinking before they will let us change […]

jump in

Jump In

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We often think about doing something new (starting a business, making a product, taking a stand, making a difference) and stop because we lack confidence.  We say, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how to do this. I am not sure I have what others have when it comes to doing this.  So […]



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How do the leaders we admire do what they do? What trait best predicts success? People have tried for ages to figure this out. Best I can tell, it’s willingness. We could say that all these willingnesses matter: the willingness to set a clear, compelling direction. Or the willingness to trust, to speak. And the […]


Carrying the Burden?

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Our role as leaders is to create an environment where the people on our teams can succeed. If you accept this premise, then your job is to give more and more responsibility to them. If you don’t accept this, then your job will be to end up with all the responsibility. The former leaves you […]



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Change is turbulent. Be clear, direct, and persistent. Change is tough. Be encouraging. Change takes time. Be understanding. Change is complex. Be thorough and adaptable. Change hurts. Be the one who believes in them more than they do. After all, if you were part of an organization in change, wouldn’t you want your leader to […]