How To Do What’s Hanging Over You

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You know that thing you need to do? The one that’s uncomfortable and hanging over you?

We intellectually know that things will be better when we finally just do it. But how to get past the FUDWARG (fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, guilt) that makes it uncomfortable and stalls or stops us?

One good way: focus on why this thing you need to do is valuable. Consider in rich detail how it’s in line with what you value, how it will generate all sorts of benefits, and how much better it will feel when it’s not hanging over your head. Focus long enough so that the reasons why far outweigh the FUDWARG.

Then, feeling so much better, do it.


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Worthy Investment

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Which will deliver better results? An action taken while in fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret,  or guilt or the same action taken while in excitement, calm, release, allowing, happiness, love, connection, or peace?


It’s so worth the investment of time and focus to become the kind of person who more often than not acts from excitement, calm, et cetera.


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An Unexpected Shortcut Through Others’ Bad Behavior

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Much, if not all, of the bad behavior we see in others comes from fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, and remorse. (We can call all that, “fudwar.”) Fudwar and the behaviors it sponsors are habitual. That’s because fudwar feels really bad. And, at some point long ago, they adopted those behaviors we see now as a way to manage.

Reminding ourselves of others’ fudwar gives us a shot of compassion. Never underestimate your power to change everything for the better with only that shot of compassion.

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PS: Seriously. No planning, no decisions, no actions required. Just a sort of being there with them and your shot of compassion. Weird? A tad. And a darn effective shortcut through the mess of fudwar.

PPS: Yes, of course we have our own fudwar, too.


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