Why We Don’t Fight

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Fighting what we don’t want (at home, work, or in the world-at-large) only pushes people to fight back. Our energy gets drained and our effectiveness is muted. It’s so easy to fall into this trap. But let’s not.

Let’s instead redirect the energy we would have spent fighting to building what we do want. People will then jump in and help. This way our energy multiplies and our effectiveness soars.


In your corner,


PS: Yes, this works everywhere, always.


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What Is Your Sense of the Sum?

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What is your sense of the sum? Negative, zero, or positive?

Some people are zero-or-negative sum. They believe that the world is a harsh place, that you have to get your share before someone else takes it, that you have to protect yourself, that big problems are non-existent or someone else’s fault, and that we need a savior to go to battle for our side.

Some people are positive-sum. They believe that the world is full of wonder, that there’s plenty to go around, that our big problems are real and solvable, that all boats float, that helping you succeed helps me succeed better, and that we need systems of leadership that foster more trust, accountability, and interdependence.

Everyone else is somewhere on the continuum between these extremes.

The dance between these extremes is one of the major sources of both conflict and creativity in our world. “If only I can get you to see it my way, everything would be better,” seems to be the universal mantra. But the extremes are not going away. Yet fighting about who’s right can drain our energy and our souls.

Knowing where we are on this spectrum is important. Knowing where our ideal clients and workmates sit on this spectrum (they will sit within a range, usually but not necessarily near us) is also key. We can give our careers a great boost of meaning and reward by choosing to work with mates and serve clients who resonate with our sense of the sum.

No need to fight about this anymore.


In your corner,



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Let’s Not Fight the Low-Buzzers

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There are people in our world who have chronically low buzzes. Some of them appear quite angry, vengeful, or out to cheat.

When we find ourselves entangled or in conflict with such low-buzz people, we may be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine: anger, revenge, or other damage. (We may even stumble into thinking we are justified.)

Let’s not. Fighting fire with fire is a great way to start a conflagration. And it will sink our buzz just as low as theirs. Yuck. Really, we have little need to lawyer up (though honestly defending ourselves is fine), no reason to threaten, and no use for stooping to such a low buzz level.

Instead, let’s feel good, raise our buzz, and drop the rope. Let’s be the kind of people we dream of being. Then let’s bless them and have them simply fade out of our lives.


In your corner,


PS: Fighting has a weird way of holding close to us whatever we don’t want. (“What you resist, persists.”) And choosing not to fight leaves us with all sorts of energy to apply toward having more of what we do want.

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Double-Dog Dare You NOT to Fight, Complain, Criticize

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Do not fight, criticize, or complain about anyone or anything. Doing so has a very odd way of cementing into your business, career, and life whatever it is that you do not like.

And I do not recommend that you just accept whatever you do not like.

Instead, get cleverer. Decide what you would rather see. Then build that.

To your continued success,