Show Me That You Hear Me

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Here’s a great way to drain away the drama that distracts and upsets us at work and in life: demonstrate that we understand their perspective. “This is what I heard you say. Did I get that right?” Then ask that they hear ours.

Here’s a great way to prolong the drama: try to outwit, out speak, or out maneuver them.

We all want to be heard. And when we are heard, good things happen.


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Many of us fall prey to drama at work and in life.

When I raise the alarm, call out the failings, or even just quietly complain, I hope to move people to my cause through commiseration (literally, being miserable with me). I may do this angrily, dryly, boisterously, or even warmly. I don’t even know I’m doing it. The result: whole companies or families tumble into a funk because one or a few of us are unconsciously whipping up the drama.

Drama does damage because, in that funk, we put way too much of our focus on what’s wrong. We direct our attention to making the dramatist feel better (then we can feel better, too). This leaves us with surprisingly little mental or emotional resources to make things better.

Instead of falling into drama’s trap, we can choose to springboard off of what’s wrong. Not commiserating, we pivot to, “I get it; let’s improve it.” Focusing on what’s right and committing to make it even better, we gather the resources we need to quickly solve what’s wrong.

Works wonders. No drama needed.


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Despite the Drama, It Is All Working Out

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Thought you should hear this: despite the drama, everything is working out. I suggest you can relax. And have not a single worry about how it will work out.

Drama is your indication that you are trying figure it all out. If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s way too difficult to figure out all that has to happen–especially when other people are involved. And it’s completely unnecessary to try. If you let the “hows” manage themselves, then they will and do it well.

Meanwhile, choose to feel good. Not head-in-the-sand-or-in-the-clouds, mind you. Remain focused on your goals, on win-win, and how it feels to consider having those goals achieved, your wishes granted. Then take whatever action or make whatever decision you are inspired to in each moment.


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PS: Consider “figuring out how it will all work” as not part of your job description.

PPS: If today’s note isn’t for you, pass it along to someone who can use a boost. Or save it until you do need it.


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