So, You Say You Want Better Results

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Okay. Maybe we are convinced that jumping into action to get desired results is problematic. Perhaps there is something useful in raising our buzz–that is, to feeling good–then acting as inspired to generate better results. But why does raising our buzz seem so difficult? Mostly, it’s because we are fighting age-old, inherited habits. We are so […]

Control Yields Crappy Results

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To get things done consistently well with a team, the correct flow or equation is Trust → Honest Discussion → Real Commitment → True Accountability → Desired Results. If we don’t trust that they will do the work, we will try to get results by demanding, controlling, conniving, or micromanaging. Then the flow will always become Crappy Results ← Excuses […]


Fruits and Nectar

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Instead of worrying about what specific type of fruit, which tree, how to get to it, how to climb up, and what if it doesn’t work out, picture yourself enjoying the fruits and the nectar. If we do this for less than 10 minutes every day, all the details will work out and we will […]


Let’s Be Like the Seed

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Business and life-in-general want results. As soon as we get the results, we look for what we want next. Despite what others might say to the contrary, there is something whole, natural, and good in this cycle of wanting and achieving. It’s like the quiet excitement of a seed as it looks to become a […]

Enough of Productivity and Efficiency

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“Productivity” and “efficiency” are words that describe how we work, do tasks, get stuff done. Both words focus on increasing output per unit of resource. Fun, eh? Let’s instead focus on “effectiveness.” It includes efficiency and adds judgment, balance, and a focus on overall desired results. To your continued success, Mike