The Moment We Choose to Become Leaders

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Observe the impact of your interactions as a leader (with or without title). Wherever we see more of the right stuff getting done with ease, we are doing our jobs well. Where we encounter resistance, politics, poor results, and drama, we are being shown something we haven’t yet mastered as leaders.

The moment we choose to become leaders, the environment we lead becomes a reflection of our leadership. Scary? Perhaps. Empowering? You bet.


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just start

Choose Something

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Success demands we first clearly declare what we want to achieve. Yet we are often afraid to do that. We worry that we will be disappointed if we set our hearts on something and it doesn’t materialize. We fret that we won’t be able to handle or hold on to the success. Or we are concerned that we will choose the wrong goals.

Let’s choose something anyway. While we worry and delay choosing what we want, success remains elusive.

And, once we get started, we will see that we get to choose more and more success adventures. They keep coming.


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Can We Have Everything?

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The cars, the houses, the career, the family, the vacations, the meaningful experiences, the titles, the accolades, the bucket list, the prestige, the money, the cottage, the degrees and certifications, the friends, the love, the fame, the good life, the perfect swing, the next iPhone? (I could go on.)

Can we have everything? No. There is simply too much. As the comedian, Stephen Wright, says, “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?”

And having everything is so not the point. Life constantly presents us with rich possibilities…so many that we could never possibly choose them all. Our job is to choose then pursue the options that honestly feel best. And, though we may seek guidance and insight from others, only we can ever know what’s best for us to choose for ourselves.

Then we have a very full, meaningful life. All the satisfaction we want is in this choosing.

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PS: Of course, knowing what feels good is the trick. We feel it in our bodies. We know when something truly feels good vs. when we merely think it should. We each have one or two feelings that tell us we are on the right track. For me, it’s a tingling up my back and neck.

PPS: We can even choose to have all those things listed above or not, as long as it feels good.

PPPS: Two useful, related measures of success in life: 1) What percentage of my life is chosen?  2) Is that percentage increasing over time?


Find Meaningful Work, Part 1

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How does one find meaningful work? Start with knowing what is meaningful. We choose to give meaning to something by noticing and appreciating it.

In your career, the trick is not to somehow find work that is meaningful. The trick is to choose confidently whatever you choose to notice and appreciate. Then find all the work (for there will be many things to choose from) that matches that and pick the one (or ones) that delight you the most.

It’s all in you.


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PS: So direct, so simple, it’s easy to miss.


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new year

Fresh Start

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At the new year, we might take advantage of a new beginning. We pledge,  promise,  and resolve. Then we hope, pray, and worry that we will stick with it, that the stars will align, and that what we want will finally come true.

Or, knowing the disappointment of past New Year’s resolutions, we content ourselves with our current lot.

Pause,  though. Look closely and you will see that we are blessed with countless new beginnings. Every day–every breath, every thought–is a fresh start. This now moment is always ready for us to choose and create our lives.

Wishing you a 2014 of joy, freedom,  and growth.


In your corner,


PS: Takes the pressure off,  doesn’t it?


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What You Choose to See

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If your first or second thought about a goal is how impossible it is, you’re sunk. If you believe it won’t work, it can’t. If you worry, curse, or complain, you are using your smart-thinking-brain to prevent success.

You know all this. And you want to stay focused on what feels good, on what is positive.

The problem is that, for reasons we’ve inherited from our ancestors, we believe we somehow must think negatively. “It just wouldn’t do to always focus on the positive. One must face facts, focus on reality.” We have long and habitually believed that reality is sober, sombre, and negative.

And that’s just not true. Everything…ev-ery-thing…contains both positive and negative. It’s just a matter of what you choose to see.


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A Gentle Reminder to All Travelers

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Welcome! Welcome aboard this journey to the rest of your life. We are so happy you are here. As you settle in, look about and see what you’d like to achieve next.

You have many things to choose from. Many of our guests are shocked to realize how many possibilities exist for them. You can learn more and solve problems. Try your hand at making money or building something. Maybe you’d go for something artistic, holistic, or designy? You can help others and help our world. You can lead us. Or maybe you want to live and describe a better way of life?

No matter what you choose, you can be successful. As long as you focus on your freedom, happiness, and growth, you can’t go wrong.

A gentle reminder: you will go much father, faster if you decide who you need to be to achieve what you desire, not what you need to do.

Let me know if you need any assistance with your choice. And do enjoy the trip.

In your corner,


PS: Today, of course, I chose to be your cruise director. Yoga on the Lido deck in 20 minutes.


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