Happiness Is…

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Despite what we may sometimes wish, happiness does not come from wiping out our problems.

We can’t wipe them out. Like ocean waves, life is full of problems and solutions that never stop coming. We become unhappy when we see ourselves battered by these waves and needing to struggle for solutions.

But we can change our perspective. We become happy when we see ourselves surfing atop the waves, relishing them, being quietly powerful, and watching the problems getting solved.


In your corner,


PS: From atop the waves, problems become much less big and important. Often they will sort themselves out with relatively little effort from us. Good reasons to be atop the waves, yes? How to get there? By raising our buzz, of course.


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Solutions Simply Emerge

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Many of the solutions we want and need are only available when we pause, notice, set aside judgment, and wait. Guided by curiosity (“I wonder how it will work out.”) and not at all worried about our ego, the formerly invisible solutions emerge and things get easier.

The only hard part is remembering to pause, notice, and wait.

The solutions are there, waiting.


In your corner,



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Things Get Done When We Let Them Rest

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The sages tell us that everything has its time. “Whatever needs to happen will happen when it does,” they say. “Let it rest. No need to push.”

Wait. What?! C’mon!

Hold on. It turns out that the sages are right. “Letting everything have its time” is a useful planning tool. Use it whenever you have an important or complicated desired outcome but no next step that feels good.

Record in your inventory of things you could do the desired outcome. If there is no next step to take that feels good as you consider it, wait. Let it percolate. Review and refresh your inventory regularly so you can revisit and recall this goal.

With time, things will resolve themselves and a good-feeling next step will appear and happen with ease. And we will have not wasted the time, energy, money, or relationships that we might have if we tried to push things.




PS: We may fear this approach is just procrastination in a Zen disguise. Nope. Procrastination, like pushing things, feels bad. Letting everything have its time feels good.


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Your Future Self Wants You to Know

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Your future self wants you to know

  • It will always work out, even when it looks like it is not working out.
  • As it works out, it may not take the form you are thinking it will.
  • What you fear is toothless. You can handle everything, whether you now judge it as good or bad.
  • If you mess something up, you will fix it.
  • Start sooner than you think you’re ready for. You are plenty powerful now. There is nothing to wait for.


In your corner,


PS: How do I know? Because this is exactly what everyone who has been successful says that they would like to say to their past selves.


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The Challenge of the Checkbox

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We like crossing things off our lists of tasks, ticking the box.

When we cross off things on our lists, we get a brief sense of calm and freedom. And that’s the problem. It’s brief. As soon as we complete one thing there is always more to do.

Read how that’s actually a good thing here. And instead of despair, go for the real sense of calm and freedom that comes from

  • knowing you will never be done,
  • knowing you can ride atop the waves of tasks in work and life, and
  • deciding from amongst all that you could do what you will do, now.


To your continued success,