Slow Start

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Why not start today slowly? Before diving into email, calls, or meetings, try sitting quietly for a minute (or three), breathing deeply slowly. Then notice the contrast. My guess? It’ll be rewarding enough to repeat tomorrow.   In your corner, Mike


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Here’s an unusual but powerful way to add value: when the rest of the world (or at least the rest of the people in the meeting) are flying off the handle, we can remain calm. We need not say anything. We only need to stay present, breathing. They may not acknowledge or even recognize what we’re […]

Happiness Is…

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Despite what we may sometimes wish, happiness does not come from wiping out our problems. We can’t wipe them out. Like ocean waves, life is full of problems and solutions that never stop coming. We become unhappy when we see ourselves battered by these waves and needing to struggle for solutions. But we can change […]

Solutions Simply Emerge

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Many of the solutions we want and need are only available when we pause, notice, set aside judgment, and wait. Guided by curiosity (“I wonder how it will work out.”) and not at all worried about our ego, the formerly invisible solutions emerge and things get easier. The only hard part is remembering to pause, […]


Things Get Done When We Let Them Rest

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The sages tell us that everything has its time. “Whatever needs to happen will happen when it does,” they say. “Let it rest. No need to push.” Wait. What?! C’mon! Hold on. It turns out that the sages are right. “Letting everything have its time” is a useful planning tool. Use it whenever you have an important […]

The Challenge of the Checkbox

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We like crossing things off our lists of tasks, ticking the box. When we cross off things on our lists, we get a brief sense of calm and freedom. And that’s the problem. It’s brief. As soon as we complete one thing there is always more to do. Read how that’s actually a good thing […]