All Change Demands Thought and Action Both

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Some of us are action junkies. Some of us are devotees of the Think System. Yet whenever we want to make a change, we must do both the inside work (thoughts) and the outside work (actions). Thought without action leads to spinning. Action without thought leads to frustrating results. So our thoughts about the future must be clear, […]


The One Success Error We All Make

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To be successful, we must first define success. Looking inside ourselves for definitions of success leads to satisfaction, creativity, energy, happiness, and/or meaning. Looking outside leads to empty achievement, perpetual dissatisfaction, learned helplessness, burnout, superficiality, frustration, and regret. Ouch. We know this. We see how externally-defined success leads us and others to chase money, fame, […]


Clearing the Three Roadblocks to Work-Life Balance

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Here are three work-life balance roadblocks and ways to clear them: We see “work” as something we struggle through. We see the grind, the guilt about tasks not yet done, the politics, the commute, the conditions, and everything we “have to do.” Instead, let’s choose to work from within our SweetSpots. Things happen with more ease […]

The Magic and the Mundane

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Like a well-trimmed sailboat, we best balance on the edge between all magic and all mundane. Seeking to be all magic defeats the purpose of this game we call life. It’s like getting the cheat codes. No challenge. No growth. No fun. Seeking to be all mundane invites lots of (oh, so much!) struggle. Blending […]



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Your certainty as a leader is a great asset. We need to maintain the focus on where we are going. Your certainty as a leader is a great impediment. We need your flexibility and trust so that we can take things off your plate.   In your corner, Mike   PS: Yup, it’s a yin-yang […]