Great Results

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Great results occur when we finally see that our real work is to focus on what we want, feel good about what we want showing up even before it gets here [and not caring how it happens], engaging all who matter in win-win, and taking action based on our inspiration.   In your corner, Mike […]

Jellyfish or Jackhammer?

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We can act in response to what we think are other people’s judgments of us. (Yuck.) Or we can act according to what we want. (Lonely.) Success at work happens when we do the later in service of other people, specifically other people whose problems and opportunities we find compelling. Both. And.   In your […]

No Rules Say We Have To Start There

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Most of us know the leverage of feeling good before getting into action. Feeling good makes everything flow so much better. But it is often difficult or impossible to feel good about a topic that is important to us. For example, most of us will find it hard to feel good about an upcoming encounter […]

Standard Stress Strategy Backfires

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When we fall a bit behind in our work, we deploy our standard strategy: working a bit harder. But when we are feeling overwhelmed, our standard strategy backfires. We try to work harder but, under stress, we are so much less effective. Which makes us feel more overwhelmed, stressed, behind which leads to even crappier […]

Drop Broken

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We are not broken. But many of our thoughts and actions come from the belief that we and/or others somehow are. Good leader, if we want improve performance in our businesses, it is our job to drop this belief and help others to drop it, too.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: easter […]


All Change Demands Thought and Action Both

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Some of us are action junkies. Some of us are devotees of the Think System. Yet whenever we want to make a change, we must do both the inside work (thoughts) and the outside work (actions). Thought without action leads to spinning. Action without thought leads to frustrating results. So our thoughts about the future must be clear, […]


Why Real Success is Simple

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We usually think success is a result. Whether it’s a goal, end, possession, status, or achievement, we call something a success only after we have it. And we work long and struggle hard to have it. Real success precedes the result. It is that quietly confident state, approach, attitude, or way that leads to relatively […]