Fall in Love with Your Vision

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So used to expecting things not to work out, we limit our vision of what think we or our businesses can achieve. Or, perhaps, we allow our vision to be swamped by “yeah buts” (thoughts of fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, or guilt). Damn. What if, instead, we loved our vision? Imagine what would […]

We May Be Undercharging

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Profit pressure may come from burgeoning costs or poor planning. But often it comes from not charging enough. Many of us feel we need to compete on price because that’s what the market demands. Really, though, it’s because we still have to do the work of focusing on our ideal clients, listening to how they explain […]

The Essence of Good Strategy

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Good strategy requires clarity about the present, clarity about the future, and a good dose of ignorance about the past.   In your corner, Mike PS: We only have to ask, “What is true now? What do we want to be true and why?” PPS: We capture the past with the present: everything important from the past is […]

Customer or Customer-Service?

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Customer-service oriented leaders go out of their way to ensure that clients have the best possible experience with their companies’ products and services. Laudable. Customer-oriented leaders go out of their way to understand what the clients need, want, and desire now and in the future. They then design their companies’ products and services to meet those […]

Just Add And

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We believe in trade-offs: we can have either freedom or structure, money or doing what we love, short-term profits or long-term sustainability, good looks or good personality, I win or you win, openness or security, low price or good quality, etc. These apparent dichotomies create intractable problems and limit our health, wealth, and happiness. Yet […]