All Is Nominal

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People who fire rockets like to say, “Conditions are nominal,” when everything is good to go.

Guess what? Conditions are nominal. All the courage you need is already within you. All the resources you need are lined up, waiting for you.

All that remains is for you to decide what you really want to achieve and take the first steps.



In your corner,



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Money or Meaning?

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Making all the money or doing meaningful work?

Wait. Who says that we cannot have both? They are not mutually exclusive. They do not depend on position, status, or luck. They don’t even require what most of us know as “hard work and sacrifice.”

They do require constant, conscious choice, clarity of purpose, being guided by what feels good, a commitment to win-win, and an effective, natural flow of actions.

I say go for it.

In your corner,




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The effort it takes to keep a trade secret or preserve a patent may not be worth it.

Companies like Apple and Samsung chase each other around the world from courtroom to courtroom. They spend gagillions trying to attack and defend each other’s secrets and patents. Sure, it’s their prerogative. They can sue and counter sue all they want. But battles engender battles and the costs of these endeavours go up and up. Imagine what wonderful products and services they could have brought to market with all that time, energy, and money.

These days, your clients don’t buy what you’ve patented. They do business with you because they know that you get them, you engage, you care, you solve a problem/meet a need, and you play for win-win.


In your corner,



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going up

Better or Worse? You Choose.

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Are things getting better or worse? Every day we hear stories of murder, corruption, injustice, disease, natural disasters, victimization, economic struggles, and war. Hooboy.

Though we get that negativity from the media, the media are not to blame. They are simply giving us what we have told them we want. They follow–consciously or not–the “if it bleeds, it leads” mantra because we respond to it. We love negative stories, they surmise.

But those stories we hear are not anywhere near the whole truth. Look around you. What do you notice? For the vast majority of us, most things work. The sun rises every day. The law of gravity has not been repealed. We have love, friendship, comfort, food, and shelter. We are free to express ourselves. The people around us–even strangers–are good and kind. They stop at the traffic lights and say “thank you” when you hold the door for them.

Yes, there are serious problems all over. And we–the good, kind people–will solve them. So choose. Do you want to reduce your focus on the negative and up your participation in the positive? If so then,

  1. Go on a news diet. Notice and celebrate–quietly and with others–all the good stuff.
  2. Read Peter Diamandis’ and Steven Kotler’s book, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. It describes how good things are and how we are actually solving today’s big problems.
  3. Know where you are best able to contribute and then do that. Hint: if you are in your SweetSpot, then you are contributing perfectly.


It’s good and getting better, ya?


In your corner,



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Get Something Rolling

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When things around you are going poorly and it seems you have no power to change it, think again.

You can change more than you imagine.

We think we have no power only because we confuse power with force. We forget the difference and end up thinking we need to use force. That feels awful because we know in our hearts that force (which includes criticism, complaint, and fighting) makes things worse. Pointing out where others are at fault doesn’t help a bit. Adding your grievance to the pile just makes a bigger pile of what no one wants.

So use your power. Your power is your ability to care and act in ways only you can. Find ways to create value and wins. To bring love. To start small, get something rolling, and let it grow.

You are surrounded by others who are feeling the pressure of the same crappy situations you face. Look about you. Listen. What does your boss need? What would help your colleague? What can you do for your client to cause her or him to sigh in relief? What about your family and friends? Even in the crappiest situations (and even with people you might imagine are your opponents), you have the power. It’s in you.

Start from where you are. I can’t wait to see what you get rolling.


In your corner,


Assume It Is

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Fear that a problem is too big, too horrible, too far gone, or otherwise unsolvable is a wholly insufficient starting point for those who are about to solve it. Pessimism is a delay tactic.

Assume the problem (any problem from your child’s habit of forgetting his homework to your next year’s budget to the economy to global warming) is solvable. When you do, it becomes exciting. Then you have all the energy you need to get going.

So get going.


In your corner,


PS: False optimism–the kind that tries to paste over problems–is also dangerous. Thought it’s probably a good stepping stone to the honest optimism I’m suggesting.

You Have Everything You Need To Get Started

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Think for a moment about that project you would love to do, you have been wanting to do for quite a while, and you have not yet started. (Everyone has at least one of these. 🙂 )

Why haven’t you started it?

Is it lack of time or funding? Do you fear what others will think? Is it that you don’t know how? Or that you are somehow not ready? Does it seem too risky? What if you fail? Have you come to think that perhaps you don’t really want this goal after all?

Recognize that compared to the joy, growth, and freedom your project represents, your reasons for not starting are inaccurate, inadequate, and insignificant. And recognize there is a simple way to get started regardless.

Here’s how:

  1. Write down and commit to achieve your goal despite any “yeah, buts” you may have. This is not about willing or forcing yourself. It is a gentle and clear acknowledgement of what you intend. “Even though I had thought I needed more money to start this project, I am excited to get started and look forward to realizing the goal.”
  2. Feel good then take the very next small step towards your goal. Then take another. And another. “I don’t know all the steps yet. But I can see the first one or two. I’ll figure out the subsequent steps when I get there.”
  3. Watch as the people, money, situations, and plain old good luck line up to help you make your project come true.
  4. Keep going until you meet your goal.

If the project is at all compelling to you, then start it. You have everything you need.


In your corner,


Slight Shift re: Money

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Most people would benefit from a slight and important shift of perspective regarding money and work.

We tend to think, “To make money, I must work. The more I work, the more money I make.”

Instead, try this on: “Money–and plenty of it–is a byproduct of me enjoying life and work.”

Okay, maybe that’s not quite a slight shift. But it is an important one.

What would your work and life be like if you operated from the latter perspective?

Ya! Pretty good, isn’t it?

In your corner,


PS: Now, are you willing to believe it?

Double-Dog Dare You NOT to Fight, Complain, Criticize

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Do not fight, criticize, or complain about anyone or anything. Doing so has a very odd way of cementing into your business, career, and life whatever it is that you do not like.

And I do not recommend that you just accept whatever you do not like.

Instead, get cleverer. Decide what you would rather see. Then build that.

To your continued success,