Why Can’t They Just Do What I Tell Them?

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Because they (and you and I) are wired to seek delight, growth, and freedom. How is doing what we say they should do at all in line with that wiring? “But we’re paying them to do their jobs. Isn’t that good enough?” we might ask. All the evidence says, “Nope. Certainly not these days.” And […]

That Impulse to Help

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At least once today, we each will see someone with a need that we can very easily fill. We will know instantly what they need and what we should do. It will be something on the order of a small kindness: a smile, an encouragement, a caution, an answer, a small favor, an acknowledgement. But […]

Make the Call

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For the most part, we will benefit by making the decision then making that right rather than hemming and hawing to make the right decision. Make the call, good leader.   In your corner, Mike PS: Making a decision right means committing to it and following through with deep confidence (not hyperbole or bravado) that […]

The Wise Manager

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The new manager asks or tells people what to do and wonders, “Why won’t they do what I want?” Telling louder or more nicely works but just for a while. The wise manager discovers what makes a win (big, long-term and small, near-term) for them then asks something like, “How can we both get what […]

Email Etiquette Rule #6

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Email remains a vital business tool. And, for many reasons, it is one we love to hate. If we all follow a few etiquette rules, email can become much more useful and much less painful. Here is Email Etiquette Rule #6: Say less. Given their busyness, we cannot expect our readers to spend lots of […]