The Art of Telling Things as You Want Them To Be

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We can spend our time telling (ourselves and others) stories how and why things are the way they are. Or we can spend our time telling ourselves (others will find out soon enough) stories about things working out as desired even though we’re not sure how they will.

Which will get us closer to our goal?

Right. Toss the habit of describing things as they are and pick up the habit of telling things as you want them to be.


In your corner,


PS: The trick is to tell a story that uses general-enough statements that you can believe. For example, don’t say, “That won’t work because of this obstacle, that person, or this flaw” or, “I am going to do this detail, that strategy, and this other thing to make it happen.” Instead say general things you already believe. This might include, “I’m not sure how it will work out. I don’t need to know right now. It works out for others, so it must be possible. I’ve been in situations like this before and it worked out. You know, people really do enjoy being part of something successful like this. I bet there are lots of people who will jump in to help me. It’s okay. I can handle anything that might happen. I’ve got this. I feel better already. It will be fun to see how it works out.”


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The Wise Leaders’ Way to Sustained Happiness, Growth, and Freedom

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It’s not market share, innovation, or strategy. It’s not earning per share, EBITDA, or another round of funding. It’s also not left-wing, right-wing, or centrist policies. Though it sounds like Sunday school treacle, we wise leaders know the way to sustained happiness, growth, and freedom. It is to help others achieve sustained happiness, growth, and freedom.



In your corner,


PS: We know it because we’ve experienced the joy and profit of helping others be in any way more joyful and more profitable. If you haven’t yet, trust and try it.


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Jellyfish or Jackhammer?

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We can act in response to what we think are other people’s judgments of us. (Yuck.) Or we can act according to what we want. (Lonely.)

Success at work happens when we do the later in service of other people, specifically other people whose problems and opportunities we find compelling.

Both. And.


In your corner,



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We Get What We Expect

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Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. A quick look back at our thoughts and beliefs about a subject shows that they match current results.

If we agree that we get what we expect, why don’t we simply choose to expect more things to work out, more good results, more fun and profit?

Because it hasn’t always worked out. We have told ourselves things like, “I expect to get that promotion, make that sale, or get that grade.” And we have been disappointed.

But if we look closely, we’ll see what’s really going on. Though we had said we expected something positive, we were really focused on something opposite. Though, for example, we might be saying, ” I am going to land that job,” we often believe deep down that we won’t. We can’t expect to paste over our negative thinking and get what we want. We can tell we are pasting over because it feels bad.

The trick, then, is to find any way to raise our buzz and feel good about our expectations.

Then, yes, we can one again start expecting all sorts of good things to happen


In your corner,


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Tell, Tell, Tell, Yell!

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Tell, tell, tell, yell. (To which we all respond with hide, fight, complain, and deflect.)

Easy but not so effective, is it? What does work?

Build relationship and trust constantly. Agree to argue the points not the personalities. Agree on the why and outcomes before the how, when, and who details. Make sure everyone is heard. Reach true consensus where we all may not agree but we understand and will 100% support it. Agree to be held to account. Hold each other to account.

Hard? You bet. Effective? Whoa, yeah.


In your corner,



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There Is No Law

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There is no law that says we have to compete on price. Despite what people say and what we may fear, we do not need to lower our prices in order to succeed.

The law that does apply is the law of supply and demand. If we honestly provide something rare and valuable then people will happily pay more. What’s rare and valuable? Our understanding of and ability to serve our clients, our ability to work well with others, and our commitment to something bigger than ourselves or this transaction.

Instead of price-cutting, we can race to the top by listening, caring, serving, and improving.



In your corner,


PS: This does not mean we get to raise our prices just because we think we deserve it.

PPS: Another way to see it: we will have all the money we want as a happy by-product of listening, caring, serving, and improving.


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Inspirational Fail

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Inspirational posters and Instagram posts typically fail us. That’s because wise words do not transmit wisdom, they only coax us toward wisdom if we’re ready.  Unless we’re buzzing high enough, we will hear or read wise things and miss the importance or, worse, totally misinterpret the meaning.

This means we need to raise our buzz to understand and use wisdom.

And it means we cannot expect others to change just because we’ve laid out the logic, made the case, showed the way, or otherwise implored them. We can, however, influence them by raising our buzz, leading by the example of our behavior, learning what makes a win for them, and connecting our wins to theirs.

Be wise, good leader.


In your corner,



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