Delegating Trust and Authority

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Delegation requires trust and authority. We must trust that we have adequately described the problem and the desired outcomes. We must trust that our delegates have understood us and are capable. We must trust that they have the needed resources. And we must trust ourselves that we will be able handle whatever happens–good or bad–and that we […]


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What do we do when there is too much to do? How can we get to working on the big, important things when there are so many fires to fight? At first, working harder, getting organized, and using more efficient processes helps. But soon the complexity of work outstrips our ability to just press harder. […]

Success Trap

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Often, our greatest impediment to success is our past success. We make the mistake of attributing our prior success to some of our most treasured behaviors or assets. We conclude that, to keep succeeding, we must keep using those treasured ways. We think we know what’s right, what’s best. That would not be a bad […]