Grow Your Leadership

Growing companies need growing leaders. Your company cannot succeed unless you adapt the way you lead to match your company’s changing needs. The Grow Your Leadership program helps you to become that leader and helps you to transform your business along the way.

Selling for People Who’d Rather Not

Selling is vital. And we often struggle with it. If you or anyone on your team are not natural sales people, you can become a very effective pro without selling your soul or being something (slimy) that you are not.

Teams that Work

When management teams struggle, the whole company thrashes. Even when they are outwardly civil, most teams quietly bicker, backbite, and BS. And they waste precious time and resources doing so. The Teams that Work program gets them past that struggle and into satisfying, profitable, and fun collaboration.

Hiring Well

Poor hires are costly. Direct and indirect costs of turnover are high. But the bigger cost is the distraction, drama, and lost opportunity. The good news is that when someone is a great fit, they positively impact the whole company. The Hiring Well program helps you find these people, bring them on board, and manage them well.

Getting Stuff Done

Overload. Ugh. Become more effective and help your team become more effective by doing less, going home earlier, and still getting all the right stuff done.

Careers that Matter

Tune your existing career or shift to a new one. We are not meant to toil away, thinking we have to stay where we are for the money or whatever. We are meant to have work that is meaningful, rewarding, and profitable. Yes, you, too.

Get Started

The first step is a brief conversation. We will explore what is true now and what you want to see happen in the future. We will see if and how balance would help you get where you want to go.

Get the Daily Notes

The Daily Notes are brief shots-in-the-arm for all leaders. Topics include how to be a leader, sales, influence, culture, managing, collaboration, teams, strategy, organization, operations, and attitude. The Notes arrive each weekday morning. If you prefer, you can have them delivered as a bundle weekly. Sign up here.