We Win Either Way

We tend to see life as a series of ups and downs, of struggles and plateaus, of things that happen to us and our reactions. But what if we’re wrong? What if life, work, school, and family unfold more as we see it all than as stuff that happens to us?

That would mean that we’d do well to see life as a feel-good adventure. We would focus on what we want, being guided by the feeling of it, and feeling what it would feel like to have it. Ultimately, after all, we want to feel good.

And if we’re wrong about being wrong–if life is only about stuff that happens to us–then we’d still be okay. We’d be happy, focused, and effective in the face of all the stuff life throws at us.

We win either way.


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Why We Need An Effectiveness System

We are amazing thinkers. We are very good at solving problems, creating art, achieving goals, and telling stories. What we are not good at is remembering tasks. Our brains just aren’t built for effectively storing and recalling the hundreds of tasks that we could/might/will do.

For this, we need a system. Such a system can help us track everything we might want to do, reference information, and big-picture goals.


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PS: Learn more about this system of lists, the habits you can build to run this system, the quick start option, and the barebone edition.


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How Much Process Is Too Much?

We each have a process and procedure comfort zone. We fall somewhere on a continuum from, “We can never have enough process, procedures, and policies (plus data and analysis),” to, “Whoa! Just because you did it that way yesterday doesn’t mean I have to do it that way today.” Neither approach is right; both are valuable. Most of us are some blend of these two approaches. 

We will likely argue, based on our personal preferences, how much process we need in our organizations. But a Goldilocks balance is probably best. The right amount of process for our organizations is whatever we need to help us efficiently, sustainably generate our desired results.


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Maybe Just a Bit Better

When we catch ourselves feeling bad, sometimes it’s difficult to feel good right away. In these cases, the best we can do is feel just a bit better or maybe just neutral.

This is fine. Worrying that we are unable to reach state of feeling good feels bad. Let’s be easy with ourselves. Feeling just a bit better–often sensed as a release or relief somewhere in our bodies–is a move in the right direction. And we can keep moving up the ladder as we wish, when we’re ready.


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monday dog

Happy Monday!

How did you start your work day today? Was it calm or frantic? Feeling good or feeling bad?

Chances are good that the tone of the rest of our week will match the tone we set this morning. So let’s begin as we mean to continue.

Instead of anxiously diving into our piles of work and miles of emails, let’s first take a moment to raise our buzz and generate the feeling we want to experience all week.

How would you like to feel this week? Calm, confident, capable, assured, safe, appreciated, effective, relaxed, hopeful, alert, supported, or free? What thought can you think in order to feel as you wish to feel?

Think that, then. Feel good. Then act.


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just start

Choose Something

Success demands we first clearly declare what we want to achieve. Yet we are often afraid to do that. We worry that we will be disappointed if we set our hearts on something and it doesn’t materialize. We fret that we won’t be able to handle or hold on to the success. Or we are concerned that we will choose the wrong goals.

Let’s choose something anyway. While we worry and delay choosing what we want, success remains elusive.

And, once we get started, we will see that we get to choose more and more success adventures. They keep coming.


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The Pre-Flip: a Fast Way to Feel Good

The simplest tool for feeling good is the Flip: when we catch ourselves feeling bad, we deliberately generate a thought that feels better. Another version of this tool is the Pre-Flip. Here’s how it works.

First, we select something that we truly enjoy, appreciate, or love about ourselves or the world. Then we go about our lives. When we next catch ourselves feeling bad, we immediately recall and flip to that something we had selected. The Pre-Flip is a very fast way to feel better.


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PS: Our selected something can go stale, lose its impact over time. To keep it fresh, we can pick a new something once per day, once per week, or as needed.


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A Delicious Morsel of Truth

Professional assessments accurately measure different aspects of who we are. We can use them to learn about our styles, comfort zones, drivers, and capabilities.

One assessment gauges how clearly we see ourselves. High scores mean we understand ourselves clearly and accurately. Low scores indicate we are seeing ourselves inaccurately. This assessment includes a factor that measures our confidence or sense of worth. A low score indicates low confidence. And, as above, it means we are seeing our worth inaccurately.

In other words, lack of confidence is nothing more than believing that our inaccurate assessments of our worth are accurate.


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PS: We are all 100% worthy. Full stop. And sometimes we make the mistake of forgetting this delicious morsel of truth.


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Evolving Our Leadership

As our organizations grow, we must shift. If we hold too long to the methods that got us here, we will strangle our organizations. So we move away from being a task-master focused on getting it all done and toward being an executive.

To be executives (with or without title), we

  • Steward the creation and maintenance of a clear, compelling goal for the organization.
  • Build a win-win-centered team capable of achieving that goal.
  • Constantly inspire (authentically, not rah-rah) people; we show them where they fit and they contribute to that goal.
  • Insert just enough structure and process to make things easier and to support that goal.

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PS: We must evolve before the company can.


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so simple

Grumpy About Success

It is easy to get grumpy about success. After all, if success is supposed to be simple, why is it so elusive? Why isn’t it easy?

Two reasons.

First, because we tend to hold tightly to the habit of thinking that success is hard work and that the world and/or we are somehow broken and need fixing. We create our own resistance.

Second, because life in all its glory wants us to reach our edge, look about, and choose to create the next something better. Relax; we will never be done. If life were already perfect and easy, what would we do with ourselves?

Choose what you want, engage others in win-win, choose thoughts that feel good and bring your closer to your goals, and do whatever is most compelling thing to do right now.

It is very simple.


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