Cut Your Work Week in Half

Get the freedom you to do what you want now. Your business takes up way too much time and attention. You have to be on top of sales, marketing, hiring & firing, team & culture, production & delivery, administration, accounting, payroll, taxes, contracts, and customer service. You have to get people to do stuff, deal with all the politics, and make sure you end up with a profit. You had expected that running your business would give you more freedom. And now it seems you’re stuck. Your business can give you the freedom you want but no one has shown you how.

The solution:  The Cut Your Work Week in Half program helps grow your business and get back your time.

SweetSpot™ Career

Tune your existing career, shift to a new one, or launch yourself after school. You are not meant to toil away, you don’t have to stay for the money, and you don’t have to follow crowd. You are meant to have work that is meaningful, rewarding, and profitable. You have so many options. But no one showed you how to plan your ideal career, identify your next move, and make it happen.

The solution: The SweetSpot™ Career program guides you to your ideal career.


The first step is a brief conversation:
We will talk about what you want to achieve.
We'll answer your questions and see if balance makes sense for you.

Get the Daily Notes

The Daily Notes are brief shots-in-the-arm of insight and encouragement. Topics include

  • leadership
  • strategy
  • getting stuff done
  • teams, collaboration, and culture
  • sales and marketing
  • careers

The Notes arrive each weekday morning. If you prefer, you can have them delivered as a bundle weekly.